The Slaughterhouse (Mission)

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The Slaughterhouse (Mission)
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Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Tier Objective Text
    • Read the Facility-10 report.
    • Find the entrance to Facility-10.
    • Explore Facility-10.
    • Destroy NKL-107.
    • Proceed deeper into the facility.
    • Kill the Cybulski prototype.
    • Search for other super-soldier prototypes.
    • Destroy the Aleksei-Chetyre prototype.




Impressive. This facility served our purposes after all. A seed of chaos we planted within the Red Hand lay dormant, undetected even by us, all these years.

The abominations are that seed's flowering. Neither man nor monster, their release has altered the course of all men and monsters. The failed experiments are transformed into great success. They were catalysts, accelerants for the reaction in this valley.

Now all have been drawn here and nothing will be the same. The reaction spirals towards conclusion. They were weapons, and by destroying them, you completed their weaponisation.


You know, I've been communicating that this Red Hand stuff is so goofy and outdated, but on reflection it's almost retro enough to be cool again.

I mean, look at that place you just trashed, it's got that chunky, analogue kind of occultism you just don't see any more. Maybe at Pripyat, but out there it's all fun and games until the water starts dripping upwards, the screaming mirrors etcetera.

Anyway, you've given us a ton of research data from these steroid vamps that can be fed right back into our employee medical package. Christmas has come early for Zurn.



Like so many in the secret world, it seems the former USSR had a somewhat lax approach to containing occult horror. One cannot simply lock the doors of a monster factory, swallow the key and call it a job well done.

I'm surprised it took so long for this nasty little stockpile to be plundered. We can be thankful Mara shares the attention span of most teenagers her age. Her original age, at least.

Now that you have halted her assembly line, we can focus on mopping up the super-soldiers on the field. The blood tide is turning.

R. Sonnac


There are x tiers to this mission.

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