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A work in progress...


Used to show when all information of a specific table for each zone is completed. Each zone listed below is a link to a project page for all the Ingame Check-Up information we need for that zone. Each with a table of things that need to be verified for the Main Page, Missions, NPCs, Locations, and Dungeons. Once each table for each zone is completed, put an X in the box.

Project Page
MainPage Missions NPCs Locations Dungeons Lairs Monsters Zone
Article Page
Kingsmouth X X X Kingsmouth
Savage Coast X Savage Coast
Blue Mountain X Blue Mountain
Scorched Desert Scorched Desert
City of the Sun God City of the Sun God
Besieged Farmlands Besieged Farmlands
Shadowy Forest The Shadowy Forest
Carpathian Fangs Carpathian Fangs
Tokyo Tokyo
London N/A N/A London
New York N/A New York
Seoul N/A N/A Seoul
Agartha Agartha
Dungeons Dungeon