The Rider Cometh

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Note Note: This ARG is currently in progress. Please note that some information may be incomplete or even out of date as the event progresses. Any assistance from the community is highly appreciated.

22 October 2016

The first sign of activity began when the official twitter for The Secret World posted and a cryptic message. Some of the initial theories from the community have been the headless horseman and the wild hunt. [1]

Listen, sweetling. Hooves beat the earth at thunder decibels... #Samhain2016
Tweet published on 22 Oct 2016.
The attached gif from the tweet.

24 October 2016

On Monday, the official twitter began tweeting more clues and images. They take the form of burn manuscripts, with difficult to read text.

The first image
Only the anointed eyes shall see. #Samhain2016
Tweet published on 24 Oct 2016.

The first image reads the following:

The rider cometh!
You will know him on the
-The last line is illegible-.

@KlausvonRichter You will know him. #Samhain2016
Tweet published on 24 Oct 2016.
The second image

The second image revealed seems to be a smaller piece out of a larger one. It reads the following:

You will know him on the island of the magus king,
when perdition's portal closes and guardian stands outside.

Several ideas have been brought up. Some believe it may have something to do with Solomon Island and the Overlook Motel, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. [2] [3] [4]

25 October 2016

On Tuesday, the official account tweeted again with another message and image. [5]

The third image
The four-in-one. The one-in-four. Through the tome, you will know him. #Samhain2016
Tweet published on 25 Oct 2016.

It reads the following:

the land beyond the forest,
spectral couple departs
You will know him in the ghost story town,
when the legion of the wolf is

However, on the left part of the picture that is heavily burned you can make out "raohs" and "their rage". "Raohs" is probably cut off from Pharaoh, so it may have something to do with Valley of the Sun God. Transylvania is Latin for "beyond the forest"; "Ghost story town" would seem to refer to Kaidan.


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