The Patchwork Horror (Monster)

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The Patchwork Horror (Monster)
The Patchwork Horror.png
Type: Golem
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: Physical
AEGIS Shield 1: 40,174 Psychic
AEGIS Shield 2: 243,192 Cybernetic
AEGIS Shield 3: 689,546 Demonic
HP: 7,234,680
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW

The Patchwork Horror is the Kaidan Golem equivalent of the Guardians of Gaia animated during the Anniversary Event. Rather than being created by The Gatekeeper, this creature is a physical manifestation of the Black Signal found throughout the city after the The Filth bomb.

Special Abilities

Related Missions

width The Patchwork Horror (Mission) - Objective of Tier 1.