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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

The Pachinko Model/tsw
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Start Coords: (180,803)
Given by: Inbeda
Type: Story
Requires: Contract Killers
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.9

The Oni demon Inbeda told you of the Korinto-kai, an occult branch of the Yakuza. He seems to think their boss, Daimon Kiyota, knows more about the mysterious assassination contract and the shadowy goings-on in Tokyo..



(Inbeda repeatedly growls throughout the conversation)
Mask of Kan'ami: Omnes relinquite vestis, o vos intrantes.
Mask of Kan'ami: I guess not.
Mask of Kan'ami: The master doesn't want you to spoil his day,
Mask of Kan'ami: so if you found the entire squad slaughtered, say nothing at all.
Mask of Kan'ami: His brethren in exile, they knew why we came to Tokyo.
Mask of Kan'ami: Risk,yes,
Mask of Kan'ami: but great reward as well.
Mask of Kan'ami: And now the House-in-Exile is fewer than it has ever been.
Mask of Kan'ami: With all the other houses knocking, we cannot afford to show such weakness.
Mask of Kan'ami: My master hopes you learned something of use to him out there.
Mask of Kan'ami: Evidence or..?
Mask of Kan'ami: The rabbit killer.
Mask of Kan'ami: The master thinks we share a target.
Mask of Kan'ami: Yet this assassin keeps getting there first.
Mask of Kan'ami: Err...
Mask of Kan'ami: the master knows that he owes you information.
Mask of Kan'ami: He promised you details.
Mask of Kan'ami: But the details are what he lacks.
Mask of Kan'ami: The contract is anonymous.
Mask of Kan'ami: He doesn't even know who is paying him to kill all these people.
Mask of Kan'ami: There is somebody who might know.
Mask of Kan'ami: Inbeda has a informant, a member of the local Yakuza.
Mask of Kan'ami: Yamato swears that his boss is into something big.
Mask of Kan'ami: Something world changing.
Mask of Kan'ami: It might be the answer you need.
Mask of Kan'ami: He thinks that you should leave now.
Mask of Kan'ami: Unless you want to see what the second circle of hell looks like.

Tier 1

Upon entering the office of the Zero's Wild pachinko parlor

(to Yamato)
Daimon Kiyota: Yamato san, konnichiwa.
Daimon Kiyota: Oh. We have an audience. Fluky. That makes this next part...
Daimon Kiyota: ... awkward.
Daimon Kiyota: See... I know you've been selling my secrets to the House-in-Exile.
Daimon Kiyota: Oh, Yamato. You dewdropper. You skid rogue!
Daimon Kiyota: We used to drink out of the same cup.
Daimon Kiyota: What did I say?
Daimon Kiyota: Flirt with demons, and you are going to get, inevitably...
(Yamato draws a gun on Daimon)
Daimon Kiyota: ...Fucked
Daimon Kiyota: Jeepers-creepers, Yamato. You don't go to heels on the boss.
Daimon Kiyota: Now something messy has to happen.
Daimon Kiyota: Now, I got to promote some other schmuck and make him wear your dripping face
Daimon Kiyota: just so I don't miss you... so...
Daimon Kiyota: god...
Daimon Kiyota: damn...
Daimon Kiyota: much!
Daimon Kiyota: Or... you and I have a meal.
Daimon Kiyota: Mmmm... fugu! Pufferfish.
Daimon Kiyota: Expensive. Delicious. The cat's particulars.
Daimon Kiyota: Deadly.
Daimon Kiyota: Now some of these pieces are properly prepared, by a master chef.
Daimon Kiyota: Some... are not.
Daimon Kiyota: Fugu roulette?
Daimon Kiyota: You unlock your smart-ass phone. Then we eat.
Daimon Kiyota: If you die first, I get the phone and your naughty contacts.
Daimon Kiyota: But if I get zotzed, then you take charge of the Korinto-kai.
Daimon Kiyota: And if you're reeeeeeeal good, Daddy'll come back from the dead to take you out for ice-cream.
Daimon Kiyota: The question, Yamato:
Daimon Kiyota: take a chance at my entire criminal empire
Daimon Kiyota: and ice-cream.
Daimon Kiyota: Or artillery and noisy death, heh?
Daimon Kiyota: Ducky. I'll play fair. You can pick each bite.
Daimon Kiyota: I'll even go first.
Daimon Kiyota: Ok, unlock your phone
Daimon Kiyota: and pick!
(Yamato unlocks his phone and places it on a nearby counter)
(Yamato then indicates the piece of fish that Daimon is to eat)
Daimon Kiyota: Mmm! So good.
Daimon Kiyota: Not fair enough? I'll go again. Pick!
(Yamato picks another and Daimon eats it)
Daimon Kiyota: Again.
(Yamato picks a third piece, and Daimon eats that one)
Daimon Kiyota: Yum-yum! Fair enough?
Daimon Kiyota: Okay your turn. Pick a piece. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
(Yamato picks a piece and brings it up to his mouth)
Daimon Kiyota: Eat! What are you waiting for? This is fun!
Daimon Kiyota: Hurry! Eat! Hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry. Hurry!
(Yamato drops the piece on the ground and backs off)
Daimon Kiyota: Aw, no ice-cream for you.
Daimon Kiyota: Fade away.
Daimon Kiyota: Now.
Daimon Kiyota: Yamato.
Daimon Kiyota: If you betray me again, you and your family will enjoy a feast with me.
Daimon Kiyota: Oh, he digs.
(Yamato leaves)
(Daimon begins talking to you)
Daimon Kiyota: Do you subscribe to chaos?
Daimon Kiyota: Chaos, as you know, is not about eating fortune cookies and shitting wisdom.
Daimon Kiyota: Chaos is fingering your own bullet hole because you know secrets are in there.
Daimon Kiyota: or because it's so funny.
Daimon Kiyota: but going stag to pandemonium is no fun.
Daimon Kiyota: So, how about it? You and me and the Molotov make three tonight.
Daimon Kiyota: Hey-hey-hey-hey, I'm not asking to go barneymugging.
Daimon Kiyota: Not trying to put a manacle on your ring finger.
Daimon Kiyota: Don't be such a cancelled stamp.
Daimon Kiyota: Let's take it slow. Just flirt with chaos.
Daimon Kiyota: Go play a round of Pachinko. See where that takes you.
(Daimon eats another piece of fugu)
Daimon Kiyota: What?
Daimon Kiyota: I missed breakfast.

Tier 2

Phone recording when you call the number. The voice talks in Japanese, but the text is in English

Recording: Hello and welcome. You've reached the Fear Nothing Foundation. Our office is currently closed, but we look forward to hearing from you. Fear Nothing. Free you potential. See what lies trapped under your fear.

Tier 3

Upon entering the Fear Nothing Foundation (Instance). The voice speaks in Japanese, but the subtitles are translated.

Voice: You have a whole lot of awesome hiding somewhere down deep.
Voice: You've secretly suspected as much.
Voice: We understand.
Voice: That something special is smothered under layers of fear and rules and labels that society, schools, bullies, even your parents throw over you.
Voice: We can help you cut through all that.
Voice: Free your potential.
Voice: Find out what's trapped under your fear.
Voice: See what lies beneath.
Voice: You're going to like what you discover.

The voice plays from a television as you enter the 3rd room:

Voice: Come down to the Fear Nothing centre.
Voice: Take one of our tests.
Voice: Or just drop in to hang with others your age, enjoy movie night, or one of our video game tournaments.
Voice: No worries.
Voice: No pressure.
Voice: No fear.

Tier 6

If you pick up the phone on the desk on the 3rd floor:

Sachiko: Lets play a game.

Tier 7

As you enter the top floor of the Fear Nothing Foundation (Instance)

Sachiko: Stay with us.

As you enter the room in the center of the top floor

Sachiko: They sleep under your fear.

As you report back to Daimon, Daimon is talking to Yamato:

Daimon Kiyota: Yamato, who runs the Korinto-kai?
Yamato: (Japanese)You.
Daimon Kiyota: Who sees the angles? Who hears the ball screaming in the machine?
Yamato: (Japanese)You.
Daimon Kiyota: Who rips the wings off butterflies?
Daimon Kiyota: Who makes his own hurricanes?
Yamato: (Japanese)You.
Daimon Kiyota: When the thousand hells open, when the sky starts eating people,
Daimon Kiyota: who'll protect you?
Daimon Kiyota: Who do the demons look at and say,"Fuck, he's looney!"
Daimon Kiyota: Who is going to drag this organization, kicking and screaming, into a new era?
Daimon Kiyota: Who, Yamato? Beat your gums and testify! Who!?
Yamato: (Japanese)You! You!
Daimon Kiyota: You remember what to feed Inbeda the next time that four-flushing palooka comes sniffing up your skirt for intel?
Daimon Kiyota: Copacetic.
Daimon Kiyota: Now, go chase yourself.
Daimon turns his attention to you
Daimon Kiyota: Apologies are a fine darb of a gesture and all,
Daimon Kiyota: but I never know what to do with all those extra fingers...
Daimon Kiyota: The Pachinko machine let you on a merry chase, heh?
Daimon Kiyota: Ping-ping-ping!
Daimon Kiyota: To be honest, the Pachinko machine wasn't always a Pachinko machine.
Daimon Kiyota: But it always was.
Daimon Kiyota: No Fear. They're a whole club of wrong numbers.
Daimon Kiyota: When there's a mass suicide slumber party, the thing to do is go looking for the no-shows.
Daimon Kiyota: Right! I'm doing this in the wrong order.
Daimon Kiyota: Linear time is so... boring.
Daimon Kiyota: Welcome to Tokyo!
Daimon Kiyota: The explosion changed everything.
Daimon Kiyota: No more dusty paradigms. No more models. No. More. We're working without a net.
Daimon Kiyota: Three gangs remain.
Daimon Kiyota: We three low-lids are dudding up to the nines,
Daimon Kiyota: getting all hotsy-totsy to melt the icy mitt of you global big-bads.
Daimon Kiyota: Gozen and her refurbished, bargain basement samurai are courting the Reds.
Daimon Kiyota: Inbeda and his syphilis-ridden, demon mooks are bedding the Blues.
Daimon Kiyota: Then there's me and my occulted gangsters,
Daimon Kiyota: an island of misfit toys.
Daimon Kiyota: Every one of us is a losing hand of Oicho-Kabu.
Daimon Kiyota: Eight-nine-three! Eight-nine-three!
Daimon Kiyota: Well, I'm ogling the Greens, and they're whispering sweet nothings like an opium pipe.
Daimon Kiyota: Love at first sight.
Daimon Kiyota: So this place is lousy with gods and devils and giant vampire squid suckers squeezing it all down to a Jupiter diamond.
Daimon Kiyota: All the big players are in town. (crazed audacity)
Daimon Kiyota: And I'm going to tilt the game.
Daimon Kiyota: That's the setup, cat. Exposition on a plate.
Daimon Kiyota: What are you going to do? Don't answer!
Daimon Kiyota: I get my jollies hanging conversations on question marks.
You look over and notice a dead guy on the floor of the office
Daimon Kiyota: Oh, that guy? I wouldn't worry about that guy.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Intel suggests you can find Daimon Kiyota at the pachinko parlour
    • Locate Inbeda's informant Yamato
  • Tier 2: Is Daimon Kiyota clever, a fool, or insane? Play a round on his special pachinko machine and find out.
    • Use the pachinko machine in Daimon's office
    • Examine the pachinko balls
    • Use Daimon's phone to call the number
    • Find the address of the Fear Nothing Foundation
    • Visit the downtown office of the Fear Nothing Foundation
  • Tier 3: What happened in the Fear Nothing Foundation? Shed some light on the mystery.
    • Find a way to turn on the power
    • Find a replacement fuse for the fuse box
    • Put the fuse in the fuse box
  • Tier 4: This place is like a box of bad memories, like a shadow dangling above you. Investigate what took place here.
    • Investigate the Fear Nothing Foundation
    • Find the password to the computer
    • Access the password protected files in the computer
    • Reveal the elevator
    • Enter the elevator
    • Use the elevator to go to the second floor
  • Tier 5: This building is a region of whispers and sighs. They lead up to the second floor.
    • Explore the second floor office
    • Find the key to the drawer
    • Unlock the drawer in the second floor office
    • Get the 3rd key card
    • Go to the third floor
  • Tier 6: All evidence suggests that horrible events took place on the third floor, horrible things that not everyone in the Fear Nothing Foundation was even aware of.
    • Investigate the 3rd floor office
    • Find the key to the 3rd floor drawer
(whenever you search somewhere)
    • Find a place to hide
    • Wait for Sachiko to leave
    • Unlock the drawer in the 3rd floor office
    • Get the gold key card
    • Enter the elevator
    • Go to the top floor
  • Tier 7: What lies on the level above? You might not like what you find.
    • Investigate the top level
    • investigate the meeting room computer
    • Survive the ghosts
    • Defeat the Sum of Fears
    • Get info from the computer
    • Return to Daimon Kiyota
    • Find a common link in what has been discovered so far.




Daimon Kiyota. Records of his life are a mess or missing. His place in the model makes no sense. As near as I can tell, his grandfather muscled in on the organized crime of the 20s, after a visit to New York. But no records of any children. No records of his death. The Dragon should not trust him. All of his angles are wrong. Perhaps I am obsessing. We need to continue our investigations into Tokyo. We calculate there is one yet living who can speak of the bomb and of Fear Nothing, and he will surface shortly.


Oh, that Daimon Kiyota, like Tyler Durden and the Joker poured into a pinstripe suit. And what's with all the '20s slang? I can't tell if he's a major player or an idiot who's gotten lucky. Keep an eye on that one. Right, so Fear Nothing hits an 11 on the creepy meter. We need to know more about the bomb. We need someone who survived Fear Nothing. I need a drink.



You have to consort with demons and criminals, and it is a youth group that turns my stomach the most. Given the luxury of time, I would see what's left of Fear Nothing reduced to ash. Alas, I am not afforded such extravagance. We must continue the current inquiry. There must be someone still alive who knows more about Fear Nothing and the bomb. We are monitoring the situation. Keep to it and keep in touch.

R. Sonnac


There are 7 tiers to this mission. It's recommended to take a source of light into the Foundation.

Tier 1/7

  • Locate Inbeda's informant Yamato
    • Go to the Zero's Wild pachinko parlor
    • Go upstairs, a cut-scene will play when you enter the office

Tier 2/7

  • Use the pachinko machine in Daimon's office
    • Next to the window
  • Examine the pachinko balls
    • Use the machine again
  • Use Daimon's phone to call the number
    • On the table
    • Number from the balls was 01-2099-3546
  • Find the address of the Fear Nothing Foundation
    • There is a phonebook on the table near the phone
  • Visit the downtown office of the Fear Nothing Foundation

Tier 3/7

  • Find a way to turn on the power
    • Use the fuse box at 243,231 - near the stairs at the south side of the large room
  • Find a replacement fuse for the fuse box
    • The fuse it in a storage room on the second floor (213,280)
  • Put the fuse in the fuse box

Tier 4/7

  • Investigate the Fear Nothing Foundation
    • Use the computer at the ground floor (294,270)
  • Find the password to the computer
    • Open the second door in the gym area.
    • Open the locker at 212,225
    • Use the Sticky Note
  • Access the password protected files in the computer
    • Back in the office, use the computer again
    • Select "Access Elevator"
    • Input the password - 41225
  • Reveal the elevator
    • Select "Access Elevator" again
  • Enter the elevator
    • The elevator is on the wall in the office
    • Use the "Call elevator" button
  • Use the elevator to go to the second floor

Tier 5/7

  • Explore the second floor office
    • Answer the phone on the desk
  • Find the key to the drawer
  • Unlock the drawer in the second floor office
    • Use the elevator to go back to the 2nd floor
    • Open the drawer
  • Get the 3rd key card
  • Go to the third floor
    • In the elevator, use the key card reader

Tier 6/7

  • Investigate the 3rd floor office
    • Use the desk drawer
  • Find the key to the 3rd floor drawer
    • If you search somewhere in correct, you'll get the following mission update:
      • Find a place to hide
        • Timed, you'll have 10 seconds before she appears
      • Wait for Sachiko to leave
        • Don't let the ghost see you
    • The correct location seems to be variable, and has shown up at different places for different people, you'll need to search all rooms until you find the 3rd floor office desk drawer key
  • Unlock the drawer in the 3rd floor office
    • Desk with the computer on it
  • Get the gold key card
  • Enter the elevator
  • Go to the top floor
    • Use the key card reader in the elevator
    • Then use the "T" button

Tier 7/7

  • Investigate the top level
    • Enter the room in the middle of the floor
  • Investigate the meeting room computer
    • Use the laptop on the table
  • Survive the ghosts
    • You will be attacked by one The Level Above Human
    • You will then be attacked by 3 waves the weaker versions, The Level Above Human (Swarm). They will be waves of 3, 5, and 6 mobs. Note that the mobs won't attack you until you attack first so you have time to heal between fighting.
  • Defeat the Sum of Fears
  • Get info from the computer
    • Use the laptop on the table again
  • Return to Daimon Kiyota
    • A cut scene will play as you enter his office
  • Find a common link in what has been discovered so far.
    • Head out of the building, and you will receive a call from your faction handler

Other Information


  • Pachinko -- An arcade/gambling game that involves trying to drop balls into specific slots
  • Intro cut-scene:
    • "Omnes relinquite vestis, o vos intrantes" -- A variation on a quote form Dante's Divine Comedy meaning "abandon all hope, ye who enter here". It was written above the gates of hell. This, however, means "abandon all clothes, ye who enter here".
  • Tier 2 cut-scene:
    • Slang terms:
      • Fluky -- Slang used in the early 1900's, meaning lucky or happening by chance
      • Dewdropper -- Slang used in the early 1900's, meaning a lazy man who who doesn't have a job
      • Skid rogue -- Slang used in the early 1900's, meaning someone who can't be trusted.
      • Jeepers-creepers] -- Slang used in the early 1900's, an expression of unwelcome surprise
      • Go to heels -- Heeled is a slang term from late 1800's to mid 1900's meaning "armed with a gun". Well-heeled meaning well-armed. "Go to heels" would mean going for your gun.
      • The cat's particulars -- Something that is good, perfect
      • Zotzed -- Killed
      • Barneymugging -- Having sex
    • Other references
    • Fugu -- Japanese for Pufferfish and the food that is made from it. The fish itself has parts that are extremely poisonous to humans and the food can be lethal if not properly prepared to avoid contamination from the poison
    • Fugu roulette -- A reference to Russian roulette where one round is chambered in a revolved and contestants take turns putting the gun to their head and pulling the trigger. In this case, eating the fugu on the plate is similar to not knowing which chamber the bullet is in
    • Molotov -- Refers to a Molotov cocktail, a homemade explosive made from gasoline in a bottle and lit by a rag sticking out of the top.
  • Tier 7 cut-scene:
    • Slang terms:
      • Darb -- Slang used in the 1920s meaning :something or someone very handsome, valuable, attractive, or otherwise excellent."
      • Hotsy-totsy -- Slang from the late 1920's, meaning as perfect as can be
    • The "island of misfit toys" refers to a TV christmas special story about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • Oicho-Kabu is a Japanese card game similar to Baccarat. In this game, the worst possible hand is an 8, 9, and 3. Which is pronounced as "ya-ku-za" and is also the origin of the word Yakuza (Japanese mafia).



1st Floor Computer

2nd Floor Computer

3rd Floor Computer

6) -- Sachiko Experiments --

4th Floor Computer

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