The Motherlands

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The Motherlands
The Motherlands.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Type: Player versus environment

The Motherlands is the Carpathian Fangs lair. It is populated by Hybrid Vampires.


Nearest Anima Well: Chasm Entrance

Lair Effects

Vampires in The Motherlands use many impairs and AoE attacks. They receive 50% more damage if Afflicted repeatedly.

Lair: All damage received is decreased by 50%. Whenever target receives a affliction effect, it gains a single stack of Affliction Counter. A single stack of Affliction Counter is removed periodically. While target has 10 stacks of Affliction Counter, it gains Suppression (All dmg recieved is increased by 50%).

Trigger: None exists, the above Lair seems to be a merging of Lair and Trigger in this zone.


Starts at location

Lair Bosses


  • Type: Zmeu
  • HP: 295K
  • Associated Mission: From Beyond the Iron Curtain
  • Abilities
    • Overhead Smash: Large PBAoE attack.
  • Notes
    • Devourer places a debuff on anyone he hits that lasts 16s. If this debuff reaches 3 stacks it will kill the player. Confuse/Provoke should be used to swap aggro around by all members of the raid, with whoever has aggro kiting him around. He has a normal attack which hits at range for 2K, so everyone should have 3K HP.

The Voivode

  • Type: Vampire General
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: The Mortal Coil
  • Abilities
    • Unknown
  • Notes
    • Tank him in the Summoning Zone. He calls some adds, and sometimes sacrifices them for a Leech buff on himself. Just kill the adds when they appear and then return DPS to the boss.


  • Type: Hybrid Vampire
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: The Shipping News
  • Abilities
    • Field Transfusion: Impairs tank and heals Vulkan.
  • Notes
    • Vulkan has numerous 180 degree frontal AoE attacks that can wipe the group, so tank him with his back to the party. At half life these 180 degree attacks start to increase in damage.