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Type: Non-player Character

First Appearance

Players first encounter the Morninglight while in Kingsmouth - either by finding one of their pamphlets in the sewers while on the Appetite for Destruction mission, or by coming across their camp (Hippie Camp) outside of Kingsmouth.

From there, players run across members or reference to the Morninglight off and on throughout the game.


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The Morninglight seems to have some ability to block The Buzzing from being able to see what they're doing[1] - both the group itself and their leader Philip Marquard. Although they do hint that the Morninglight may possible be very old (maybe from previous Ages "This new religion tastes older, much older, into the deep time, as if... ".[2] They also hint that they may be working with, or for, the Orochi Group by targeting companies that oppose the Orochi.[3]


Solomon Island




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Known Agents

Council of Venice Members
Name Role Location Notes
Philip Marquard Leader and Founder Not met
Che Garcia Hansson Officer? Kingsmouth
Adrian Zorlescu Field Agent? Carpathian Fangs
Rada Nastasa Carpathian Fangs
Naonomi Tanaka Unknown Kaidan, FNF Clubhouse She appears to be working for both the Fear Nothing Foundation and the Morninglight




Morninglight ▪ Fear Nothing Foundation
Founders Philip Marquard ▪ Lilith
Key People John ▪ Naonomi Tanaka ▪ Che Garcia Hansson ▪ Adrian Zorlescu