The League of Monster Slayers (Faction)

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The League of Monster Slayers (Faction)
League of Monster Slayers (Lore image).jpg
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: The Treehouse

First Appearance

Players first encounter the The League of Monster Slayers when the meet Danny Dufresne in Kingsmouth. As they move into the Savage Coast they come across several more references to them.


The league was founded by William Dexter in the year 1983. He led a group of local boys as far from town as they dared and there they built a tree house away from the eyes of girls and parents.[1]

In 1987 the league went hunting for monsters after two boys were killed in the woods. They found a Wendigo and were able to kill it.[1]

The League's "No Girls!" policy was changed the summer of Nika Vasquez. (Date Unknown)[1]


Solomon Island


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Known Agents

League of Monster Slayers Members
Name Role Location
William Dexter Founder Missing
Jackson Miller Former Member Unknown
Nika Vasquez Unknown Unknown
Danny Dufresne Current Leader Skateboard Park

It is uncertain if Carter is officially a member or not.






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