The Guardian of Pestilence

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The Guardian of Pestilence
Erbu Narisu2.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Erbu Nasiru
Type: Seasonal
Requires: Anniversary Event
Reward: Variable Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

Journal Entries

Mission Raid Nightmare.png The Guardian of Pestilence       Dungeon Mission
REPEATABLE (Nightmare)
Tier 1
The air rumbles with primal wrath as one of Gaia's own Guardians loses itself to mad rage.
  • Participate in the fight against Erbu Nasiru
  • Defeat Erbu Nasiru

A huge creature, formed from the natural forces of the earth, was roaming in an area destroying everything that it came across. The creature was destroyed and overcome before it could do any real harm. More importantly, it was destroyed before it could be seen.

  • Collect your reward


  • Participate in the fight against Erbu Nasiru
    • Do a significant amount of damage to Erbu Nasiru, or heal players who are doing damage. How much is "Significant" is unknown, but it is fairly easy to achieve as long as you are active in the fight and do not go afk.
  • Defeat Erbu Nasiru
    • Stick with the fight until he dies
    • Depending on how much damage or healing you do during the fight, you will receive one of the following missions after defeating the golem:
      • The Guardians - Bronze
      • The Guardians - Silver
      • The Guardian of Pestilence - Gold
    • These missions only stay in your list for a few seconds, serving to provide you with the proper reward for your contribution level.









Gaia made her proto-defenders impressively. But we are the revised models, Mark II, the software update. The lumbering guardians have no place anymore, and there is no shame in that. They did well in their own time. There may come a time when new defenders remove us from this world.





Our models predicted this. A second line of defence for the mother - less refined and more brutish. Careful amalgamations of silica and elements, charged by anima and given a shambling semblance of existence. They are strong, they are efficient and they have no place in our models.

Everything we know points to them appearing in places of where the filth has been spotted - all the anomalies that you have been investigating, in other words. Transylvania and Egypt and Solomon Island - probably Tokyo as well, but you don't have clearance to go there yet.

Our data set needs cleaning up. Remove these elements whenever you encounter them.


Another one of those things? They're some kind of automatic defence mechanism - the eggheads are calling them the white blood cells of Gaia.

We're getting reports that they've been showing up where the filth outbreaks have been most prevalent. Which means all of the wonderful hotspots you've been visiting recently.

Management thinks we already have enough competition for the title of Last Man Standing after the apocalypse. If you see any more of those things, get rid of them. They're about as effective at saving the world as buying a Prius and they're almost as annoying.

We want to remain the dominant fucking parasite.


This is rather awkward, isn't it? Here we are trying to clean up the world and Gaia sends out a second batch of defenders to help us.

Of course, these ones are rather slow and stupid but rather better than you are at smashing things (which is impressive all by itself, believe me).

We can't have this obviously. Laymen won't be able to tell the difference between a rampaging creature of darkness or a rampaging creature of Gaia.

Venice has agreed that these particular creatures could be a public relation disaster for The Secret World. We're authorized to remove them swiftly and silently.

Let's show them how good the Templars can be at monster slaying.


  • None

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