The Golden Golem

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The Golden Golem inv icon.png

The Golden Golem

Binds when Picked Up Unique

Summons the The Golden Golem pet.
The Golden Golem gui icon.png

The Golden Golem

Animated by some deranged alchemist trying to make a point about greed, this gleaming hulk spreads precious metal fever, and draws covetous eyes wherever it plods

Source: Golden Week

The Golden Golem looks almost identical to the Shem of the Solar Metal pet, except for the runes imprinted on it. The runes on it are the same variation of of Runic symbols used on the various Runes used in the game.

While standing, it will occasionally look around or stop it's feet. When running it will follow along behind you.

This pet is only available for purchase during the Golden Weekend event.