The Fool's Journey, Act 2

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A second act of The Fool's Journey; communication between Melissonomoi and an unknown someone as Melissonomoi and the Sanctuary of Secrets flee attempted capture in Greece.

November 1, 2011

new 8track image

Other than one comment during the introduction of the Phoenicians, nothing has been heard from Melissonomoi since January of 2011. This changed when she began making cryptic comments on her twitter at 1:11 AM on November 1, 2011. Variations on 111111 should seem familiar to ARG followers as it is a repeating time stamp from The Fool's Journey. Forum users also noted that her 8track account was updated today (full list). The images used on the cards are from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, one of the most common decks available and the first to illustrate all 78 cards.

when the curtain is raised, what shall you see? our parts in no conspiracy
Tweet published on 1 November 2011, 1:11 AM CET.
a question that must be appeased. who of the 3, truly owns Greece?
Tweet published on 1 November 2011, 11:11 PM CET.

The new 8tracks mix was called "The Magician's Method" and had the message, "sometimes, the first line you see, can be the most prophetic. what is the name of this magic?"

  • hey by pixies
  • something special by the tough alliance
  • bury me slowly by curse ov dialect
  • as above, so below by klaxons
  • the rip by portishead
  • dead bent 12" version by mf doom
  • long time by the roots
  • .38.45 (a thievery number) by thievery corporation
  • jigsaw falling into place by radiohead

November 2, 2011

From the tweet

The day began slowly with the community delving into the Tarot, the history of Greece, and alchemy. A tweet from Melissonomoi redirected attention toward the Tarot and the meaning of the Major Arcana.

Waning moon, reigns in ruins. Where seeds were sown by what luxury owes. Intuit the puzzle in play.
Tweet published on 2 November 2011, 11:12 PM CET.

new 8track image

Keeping the same mix page, 8tracks mix account also updated to "Beyond the Veil" with the message, "how does a hunter intuit a puzzle? by carefully penetrating its mysteries".

  • hey by pixies
  • panic on by madder rose
  • something special by the tough alliance
  • bury me slowly by curse ov dialect
  • as above, so below by klaxons
  • the rip by portishead
  • dead bent 12" version by mf doom
  • long time by the roots
  • jigsaw falling into place by radiohead

November 3, 2011

new 8track image

Minutes after 11 pm CET the 8tracks account updated, again keeping the same mix page but the title changed to, "The Lover's Dilemma" and the message to, "what does one love when all universal moral principles are idle fancies?"

  • hey by pixies
  • panic on by madder rose
  • love is stronger than pride by sade
  • bury me slowly by curse ov dialect
  • as above, so below by klaxons
  • the rip by portishead
  • dead bent 12" version by mf doom
  • everything is borrowed by the streets
  • jigsaw falling into place by radiohead

November 4, 2011

new 8track image

In keeping with pattern, a new tweet and 8tracks appeared just after 11 pm CET, the title changed to, "Godspeed" and the message to, "for when you make haste in your chassis of stasis"

Son of love, son of war, what difference does it make? Eventually, everyone arrives at their desired conclusions
Tweet published on 4 November 2011, 11:11 PM CET.

  • hey by pixies
  • panic on by madder rose
  • love is stronger than pride by sade
  • faster by manic street preachers
  • bury me slowly by curse ov dialect
  • the rip by portishead
  • star chasers by 4hero
  • everything is borrowed by the streets
  • jigsaw falling into place by radiohead

The following information was collected today at roughly 10:30 pm CET, after a conversation with Nyte (see group document).

  • He said that Mel is already in Greece (Her 8Tracks Location is set to Greece)
  • He also said that "her situation is pretty f'ed up".
  • The COV is trying to f'k over Greece right now.
  • Crazy stuff coming down the pipe...
  • Mel tried to communicate with us... but not directly... Over a Website maybe? (SOS?)
  • Nyte works with SOS...
  • SOS has gathered apparently lots of data, that they will pass on to us "soon"
  • Melissa talked to a friend, but not "A Friend".
  • Melissa is the SOS, the Queen Bee so to say, the APIS are her "handlers, her agents.
  • the "friend" is NOT an apis.
  • TDP are a bunch of noobs. Either they arent involved in this, or they ARE, but we're underestimating them. (TDP has been very quiet lately..who knows why)
  • She was talking about us (Melissa?)
  • We have been played (in reply to the question if TDP is involved)
  • The Phoenicians are involved. COV has treated them like a bastard step-child, but they've served their purpose.
  • TDP wants to be more important than they really are. They had a silver of the truth and thought they could hold it over the COV's head.
  • They found out about the Phoenicians (TDP)
  • Something is relevant, to an extend (in response to her 8Tracks), but we shouldnt get too wrapped up in it.
  • The Forums are being watched, [this source] is mostly secure.

November 5, 2011

new 8track image

The November 5h update includes a new tweet and tarot card but not an update to the 8tracks account.

our only constraint, is restraint
Tweet published on 5 November 2011, 11:11 PM CET.

At 11:05 PM CET Nyte offered to bring us up to speed on some background, via the same source as yesterday (edited for space and spelling).

  • So Greece... we know that it's a very important nexus. it's been that way for centuries
  • Greece has been the home of the SoS for hundreds of years, "SoS" is a pretty modern moniker
  • CoV has been pretty hands off of Greece, kind of like... Sweden
  • SoS is a think tank, keeper of secrets. [Is it an archive?] more or less
  • Phoenicians were the ones entrusted with protection of Greece, they rocked the boat... more details on that later

At this point the new tweet from Melissonomoi came up, the Card is Strength which is the order in the Fool's Journey.

  • oh yeah... very familiar with the "journey"
  • right.... and i can't elaborate on that much now until we can ensure her safety
  • The Phoenicians have provided sancuary for the SoS for hundres of years. The SoS doesn't have any kind of military
  • The Apis are more like Secret service, they're not equipped to fight any kind of war
  • what do you think is happening in Greece right now...
  • she's not talking to you guys
  • [Nyte, you retweeted a message recently about Iran and Greece and 430 (BC). Does this relate to what is happening right now?] of course it does
  • [Long question about the Phoenicians still being around?] They're still around...but they can't go 3v1
  • [More questions about the CoV] think UN, a lot of member states. but unless you're one of the G8...
  • [A lot of the songs on 8Tracks refer to changes, using ideas such as "The winds of Change" Does this pattern relate to something Melissa sees?] of course... it all relates to her situation right now
  • there are many stories of the oracles and their relationships with the powers that be
  • the Melissonomoi have derived their "power" from Gaia
  • they're like the voice of Gaia. they dont' even know wtf they're saying half the time
  • what do you think will happen to the SoS if one society controls Greece?
  • there was a very dark time when there were no Melissonomoi
  • I can't discuss anything about her communications atm
  • if CoV turns delphi tino another stonehenge... or shambala... or el dorado...
  • [If COV is us essentially isn't there anything we can do?] you are not the CoV
  • [So Stonehenge, Shambala, and El Dorado are what? Anima Factories? Doesn't that mess up the world?] they are nexuses
  • not as strong as delphi... but strong enough for the societies purposes
  • the Apis have already essentially defined what a nexus is
  • i'll check in again as I can.... probably not tomorrow though
  • but... the Apis are hoping to reveal more details soon... Mel's safety is top priority now
  • i mean, we are what we are, and there are forces at play here much more powerful than any single person can affect
  • keep an eye on the situation in Greece. If Greece falls, so falls the SoS

This is the tweet referenced in the conversation that Nyte retweeted.

Greece is collapsing, the Iranians are getting aggressive, and Rome is in disarray. Welcome back to 430 BC.
Tweet published on 3 November 2011, 3:50 PM CET.

After some discussion, much of the community decided to slow down on the pace of the research - to get a better idea of how things are developing. We knew we were not the intended goal of this conversation, at least currently, but we also knew to be prepared for future possibilities.

November 9, 2011

After four days of no further communication from Melissonomoi the following exchange happened. Community members also noted that the tinychat room was no longer available. This may be related to the below mentioned "leaking" or it may be because there is a new communitytsw room.

Ponders the safety of the current Meliss after the drop in communication. #TSW
Tweet published on 10 November 2011, 2:08 AM CET.
@Maurna_Frost leaking info from tinychat to the forums has... complicated her security.
Tweet published on 10 November 2011, 4:07 AM CET.

November 11, 2011

new 8track image

A sense of anticipation has filled the community over the last several days as November 11th approached; surely something would happen on 11-11-11 at 11:11! A new tweet as well as a new 8tracks both went up at ~11:11 pm CET. The new 8tracks, titled the Tragedy of Iphigeneia has the message, "balancing the beginning of the end." An ominous message given community musings about Meliss' safety and the fate of the Sanctuary of Secrets.

where fates are tempted and ill winds sown, the truth of your allegiances will soon be known
Tweet published on 11 November 2011, 11:11 PM CET.

  • hey by pixies
  • and justice for all by metallica
  • faster by manic street preachers
  • bury me slowly by curse ov dialect
  • the rip by portishead
  • dead things by philip glass
  • everything is borrowed by the streets
  • jigsaw falling into place by radiohead
  • you can't go home again by dj shadow

November 12, 2011

Community members who received a puzzle piece received the following email from the SoS; sent at 11/11/11 11:11 pm MDT which is 11/12/11 5 am CET.

"Email from the Sanctuary of Secrets"

"So here we are.

The last turn of the final monadic cycle.

And the SOS, as you know it, no longer exists.

At the start of this journey we told you Melissonomoi had seen the 11. We told you they will be chosen from your nexus. What we failed to mention is this will be a new beginning; the SOS will rise again from the ashes.

Such is the way our fates are meant to play out.

Last January, I mentioned the SOS had long taken an interest in this nexus. Since, many of you have been involved in reassembling a jigsaw puzzle scattered all over the world. You have, no doubt, questioned the purpose of this exercise. Yes, of course, it was a test; isn’t everything a test?

The results of this “test” proved to us the validity of this nexus. You are a powerful collective force capable of overcoming obstacles of geography, time, and provocateurs.

But, you may be asking, why does the puzzle remain incomplete?

There are simply those among you who are easily turned by apathy or greed; symptoms of the filth that intends to corrupt and deny us the true destiny of the human race.

That said, one final task remains: the path which leads to the end of your journey. The “Second Act” of the Arcana. Those who partake of this final chapter will not just do so collectively, as you have in the past, but individually as well.

Walk the Fool’s path and learn from each other. Let the few remaining Apis be your guide in this final chapter and we will entrust with you the knowledge of the roots of good and evil of the allegiances you now so casually wear.

It is a sign of their desperation that these “societies” - these incredibly powerful organizations - would resort to actions intent on systematically rooting us out and appropriating Melissonomoi for their own selfish use. They are succumbing to the smothering fear of the dark days that are coming.

In the meantime, exercise patience and prepare yourself. Our current situation is delicate for reasons that will be clear to you once you unlock the package attached with this missive.

What you do with this knowledge is inconsequential. Our future is already written through your actions.

Make no attempt to ask us for more than what has been revealed. There are certain things you are not able to help us with and our current plight is one.

The email had a password protected attachment, coronis, which contained a zip file with the following documents. Note the following are images of the original files, which can be found here.

Damocles, from the Templars Erinyes page 1, from the Illuminati Erinyes page 2, from the Illuminati Medea, from the Dragon

Given the data in the three items, early ponderings from the community about the 8tracks being a love letter appear to be accurate.

November 14, 2011

Summary of the information from the "The Secret World Uncovered Podcast; pertinent information starts around 3:50."

Are you an Apis: yes How did you become an Apis: Post England trip, met a shadowy figure while in Norway who provided some information and prompted Nyte to get more involved.

Regarding the scarecrow puzzle: Started out as a fun idea and give away some swag. Evolved into something much bigger. For an answer about whether the puzzle is done, evasion. Technically everything is, "still in play."

Melissonomoi questions

  1. How does she communicate with the Apis?
    1. She communicates in a lot of different ways. She receives visions that she doesn't truly understand. She is constantly feeding raw information to the Apis, relevant or not. It is then the Apis' job to interpret and decide what to do with it.
  2. Is Melissonomoi safe?
    1. Not in any immediate danger.
  3. Does she know about the Council of Venice breach and who did it?
    1. Yes.
  4. Who was Melissonomoi talking to with the tweets and the 8tracks?
    1. insert repeat static noise

"One of the things people may or may not have figured out about Melissa is that she is just a regular 20 year old girls." This was thrust upon her and doesn't particularly care for this. One day she wants a normal life but it's doubtful she'll get it when you're thrust into this type of situation.

Discussion threads

Discussion of the new tweets begins here on page 11. Recent summary of 8tracks information is here.

The posting of the Sanctuary of Secrets email and attached files.

Excellent map showing the differences in the 8track mixes, from Majorscrewup.

Wikipedia article with the Major Arcana cards listed.

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