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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the ARG. For other uses, see The Dark Places (disambiguation).

The Dark Places is the name of a twitter account that began a riddle event on January 11th, 2010.

They Are Coming

The first sign of activity for this event came from a twitter account called The Dark Places that the community had been given by Ragnar before the new year. The first message was cryptic and just said:

They will taste the darkness. And in the darkness we shall all drown. It's coming. They are coming.
Tweet published on 11 January 2010.

Over the next week, more twitter messages were posted by The Dark Places, including quotes from two of Edgar Allan Poe's poems ("The Raven" and "A Dream Within A Dream"). On January 20th, a twitter message was sent that included past messages strung together and was believed to be the part vital to solving the riddle. The message said:

Four. Ga. דניאל.
Tweet published on 20 January 2010.

The first part was simply the spelling of the number four. The forum members concluded that the second part, "Ga," was the symbol for Gallium, an element that's atomic number is 31. The third part, "דניאל" is Hebrew and translates to "Daniel" or the "Book of Daniel." The message the community was looking for was a Bible passage, Daniel 4:31. But there are many versions of the Bible and the community didn't know which one to use.

King's Version

After much debating about which version of the Bible to use, The Dark Places added this tweet:

From a king, in the king's version, about a king. The signs are converging. The future holds only darkness for them.
Tweet published on 21 January 2010.

It was decided that the answer was in Daniel 4:31 of the King James Bible, which is:

While the word was in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee.
King James Bible, (Source)


Eventually, a forum member discerned that the twitter messages were focused on the words coming from the "king's mouth." Searching with that in mind, a website was discovered for a fictional town in Maine named Kingsmouth. The town's name bears a resemblance to the similarly fictional town of Innsmouth, a town that took the setting of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." Innsmouth's name is also directly referenced on the website, which states that Solomon Island, where Kingsmouth is located, is home to Innsmouth Academy, an exclusive private school.

Townspeople Twitters

After finding the website, the community found four twitter accounts that belong to members of the town of Kingsmouth. They include the sheriff, Helen Bannerman, the deputy, Andy Gardener, and two civilians, Danny Dufresne and Carter.

Since The Dark Places twitter stating "They will all drown. They will all come back. The endless night is near." the community believes that the citizens of Kingsmouth are in some type of danger, perhaps from a flood, and that they will all perish and return as zombies. Community members have tried to warn the townsfolk of Kingsmouth through twitter, but have had no luck generating awareness for the danger the people may be in.

Kingsmouth Speaks!


zombiedanny - Rebooting.. I hate it when that happens! The buzzing was killing me. Is like honey colored screen totally normal?? Thought it'd be blue....

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Careful D, you never know whose gonna be listening. Where you been? Burning the midnite oil again? Busy busy bee ;-P

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Oh and no it's usually Blue Screen--I guess someone's trying to "tell" you something. P.S. Not me! I'd never bee that cruel!

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Hey! BEEn busy, same as you it seems. Last chance to see the view from the treehouse before winter, you up for it this w'end?

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny U know it Danny Boy, just msg me. Why are we chatting via tweets anyways? That's so 2010. Wait um....

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Message signed sealed AND delivered. I dunno, why are we broadcasting this? Just adding to the general buzz I guess. See ya!

- - - -

deputygardner - Getting really chilly now. Damn, can't believe it was winter last time I wrote anything here. Time really flies when your Busy, I guess!

deputygardner - We really need to do something about the internet stability here. I'll talk with the Sheriff tomorrow, she'll know who to call I guess.


deputygardner - Out on an early call on slippery roads this morning, probably "enjoying" microwave turkey at the station later.. Happy Thanksgiving!!

- - - -

deputygardner - Quiet night in Kingsmouth on Turkey day. On call but Norma dropped by with dinner this afternoon, that was very nice of her.

zombiedanny - @deputygardener Happy Thanksgiving Andy! Thanks for keeping the streets safe even when everyones inside. I'll drop by and say Hi tomorrow!

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Happy T'giving! Still on for this w'end, right? Counting on an Excellent Adventure. Now for some turkey leftovers and TV!

@dontgetcarter Of course! Enjoy your turkey C

- - - -

zombiedanny - Choices of movies tonite: Ulee's Gold (!?!), some wierd b-movie, Satsujinbachi...hmmm. Isn't there a 4th option? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Points for reference, D. Here the Hive Mind decided it was in everybody's best interest to rewatch Bristol "fly & soar". Yay!!!


deputygardener - About to head out to the academy on an "urgent call", not often we get to see the inside of that place. They like to keep secrets I guess!

zombiedanny - @deputygardener You're gonna have to say Hi to @dontgetcarter while you're there! And take notes, she never tells me anything, lol :P

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Un-fair D! Not like it's THAT interesting anyway unless you're into 17th Century European history. I'll keep an eye out 4 Andy!

sheriffhelen - @deputygardener Remember our conversation Andy? This is one of those 'police business' things it's probably best you keep private.

deputygardener - @sheriffhelen Ooops yes, I 'm sorry. Presonal stuff only, I getit. Wont happen again!!

dontgetcarter - @deputygardener What are you guys going out here for anyway?

dontgetcarter - @deputygardener Okay so I guess I'll have to ask you when/if I see you then :-/

dontgetcarter - Oh *snap*, I know, the painting! Or should I keep my mouth shut? Is that one of those 'school things' they keep telling us about? Shhhh.

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter ???

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny "The police business". Don't worry D, I'll tell you about it this weekend. I gots to have my secrets too y'know ;-P


dontgetcarter - Attica! Attica!

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter LOL! Still not letting you out huh? Guess our Excellent Adventure is off?

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Not on your life Double-D! We got network again and I'll be out before sunset, count on it. Still got time to hang & share :-D

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny OK, confirmed, they're canceling curfew. Tell you all about it in... 1 hour? Four thirty, the usual spot. Bee there ;-P

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter \o/

- - - -

zombiedanny - The hunt is on! Finally something exciting happens in this DEAD townh. I've got news for you, thieves: Dufresne is on the case!

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Take it EZ D, you'll get in 2 D-EEP ;P THx for taking me up there btw, sorry I had to skedaddle, don't want Montag to blow fuse

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter NP Carter. You're like an honorary member at this point Where d'you think we should start looking? I'm thinking 'library'.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny They probably cleaned that place out back in the day, brought everything out here, but sure. I'm thinking 'Google' myself!

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Actually, I'm thinking 'Pastor Hawthorne'. He's really into Kingsmouth history. Perfect timing too. I'll keep you updated!

deputygardener - @zombiedanny Now what are you guys up to? Whatever it is be careful, there's an ongoing criminal investigation going on.....

sheriffhelen - @zombiedanny Careful what you wish for Danny. Wouldn't call this town "dead" & I know what I'm talking about. Small towns have their secrets

zombiedanny - @deputygardener No sir! Will stay out of your way, scout's honor. Just doing some research for school, is all! 'A school' at least

zombiedanny - @sheriffhelen OK so that's a bit creepy but yes ma'am, will keep on the right side of the law and won't go digging in any dark places LOL

deputygardener - Uhoh, laptop startd uzzing & missing kys. That's a ad sign right? Guss I shouldn't spilld coff all ovr th plac. y y laptop, hllo Appl stor

sheriffhelen - @deputygardener Oh honey..that's the second time! Well, I'm sure there's room in the budget to replace it, but keep that cup away next time.


sheriffhelen - Posting this here as well: Anyone in vicinity of Innsmouth Academy last Thursday between 5-11 PM please contact Kingsmouth Sheriff's Office.

deputygardener - New laptop in the house! The B's are back...along with the E's, of course, but I missed the B's the most. Makes you appreciate what they do.

zombiedanny - @deputygardener I see what you did there.

deputygardener - @zombiedanny See what I did what? Start up Civilization 5? Are you spying on my house, Danny? Thanks for tip on laptop BTW. Works great!

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny It's alive! As in 'you'. Where you been? Any luck with our little 'project'? Inquiring minds need to know, D! As in 'me' ;-D

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Like I told you: Friday. My research is almost done, and I have Clues & Sh!t. Just like Sherlock Holmes. (the new, cool one)

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Friday?? Maaan. OK, I can wait. It's a date!

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Ummm.... !?!!?

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny no, wait, that didnt come out right...! awkward... not a DATE-date, just you know SAVE THE DATE cause were hanging :-S

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Yeah, okay. Cool. Not a DATE date. That's awesome. I'll bring some comics and candy & make it TOTALLY not like a date.

deputygardener - Wierd gmail spam today:"Far down within the dim West Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best have gone to their eternal rest"?

zombiedanny - @deputygardener Dude that's kinda creepy. Forward me that mail, I wanna check it out. I love creepy stuff! You know my address, right?

deputygardener - @zombiedanny Sent. That's the hotmail one right?

zombiedanny - @deputygardener Uh, no, stopped using that like ages ago. Resend it to my Gmail. I should just delete the Hotmail account.... Thanks Andy!

zombiedanny - @deputygardener Whoa this is kinda weird dude. I guess this is what they call 'synchronicity'. We need to talk. Susie's, Friday at five?

deputygardener - @zombiedanny Sure I guess, unless I'm out on a call, I eat there every Friday. Got me curious now, I gotta admit.

zombiedanny - @deputygardener 5PM Friday. 10-4.


deputygardener - @zombiedanny I waited two hours before heading home Danny. Kinda worried so give me a holler when you read this OK?

dontgetcarter - @deputygardener What, he didn't show??? Worst timing on curfew clampdown EVER. Was supposed to be there, D had something to show me. Worried

deputygardener - @dontgetcarter Hey Carter-I'm sure hes fine, just cot caught up in something is all. Ill give his folks a call later if he doesnt show OK?

dontgetcarter - @deputygardener Thanks Andy, much appreciated. Just keep me updated. Can't do anything from here except wait. Like being in prison.

deputygardener - @dontgetcarter Np. He can take care of himself. Just hope he's dressed well its freezing outside & gonna snow! Your lucky you get to stay in

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny D, where the HELL are you? Told you not to go digging too deep, so not worth it. We got curfew until Sat 9AM, just so you know.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny You better msg me the SECOND you get a chance alright?!?

deputygardener - @dontgetcarter Danny's folks are outta town until tomorrow evening. He picked a great time to go AWOL but it's early, I'm sure he's fine.

deputygardener - More wierd mail.. "Down, down that town shall settle hence; Hell, rising from a thousand thrones, shall do it reverence."

deputygardener - This will be one of those evenings we laugh about a year from now-I'm sure. Too many wierd things happening....and now it's starting to snow


zombiedanny - Uh, hi world. Guess I caused a ruckus, huh. Relax - I'm not dead. ZombieDanny lives to fight another day.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Jesus D, you f****ing ASSHOLE!! Where you been? We've been dead worried! You're Skyping me NOW or we're NEVER speaking again!!!

deputygardener - @zombiedanny Me and Helen drove round half the night looking for you and were just about to call in state police for support. Where are you?

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter @deputygardener Oops... No can do right now Carter but home very soon. Can we meet? I have something to show both of you.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny I'm so not talking to you right now but I'll give you 5 minutes. Susie's, 24.5 hours delayed. I'll wait 15 minutes, no more.

deputygardener - @zombiedanny @dontgetcarter I can do Susie's at 5:30 but then you owe me a full explanation Danny, and you'll do the same to Helen after.

deputygardener - @zombiedanny And your lucky we didn't manage to get hold of your folks yet. They would've been worried sick.

zombiedanny - @deputygardener @dontgetcarter Susie's in 20, got it. I'm gonna put this bike through it's paces and hope there's no ice!

- - - -

thedarkplaces - The good and the bad and the worst and the best shall soon go to their eternal rest. Every single one of them. WAKE. UP.

- - - -

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny You have SEVEN more minutes and I don't care that you probably can't read this. Tick-tock D.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny OK, you're forgiven and it's public--as requested--but you did scare the sh!t outta us, D, so I reserve the right to be mad.

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Still...I guess it was worth being scared for. That's some good detective work Danny Boy.

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter I'm sitting right across from you you know!! You could like just SAY it. I think Andy must think we're wrong in the head.

deputygardener - Head hurts from all of that and not sure I see the connections yet but impressed with @zombiedanny's detective work. He'll make a good cop.

zombiedanny - @deputygardener Thanks Andy! That's really nice But we still got a missing painting and a puzzle to solve. Just glad to have some help

zombiedanny - Also glad to be home before parental units return! Need to mess place up & make it look like I've been eating pizza & playing CoD all night!

zombiedanny - No they don't read Twitter, they don't even know what it is. They own 1 cellphone between them & it's 7 years old & battery lasts 15 minutes

dontgetcarter - Got back 2 minutes after curfew & gate was shut! But Annabel put in a good word for me and I should be OK. Getting tired of clampdown...

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Glad to be helping out...again ;-P Also, bonus: If we get it back in one piece, no more curfews for me--ever!

dontgetcarter - So, hmm, we got a missing painting, a weird poem, D's 'new discoveries' & clampdown at school. Someone's worried about their secrets I think.

dontgetcarter - Seems like EAP liked his puzzles, huh? Still not clear on what his connection is to the Academy. Montag would now, but not going there... :-/

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Digging into that. Folks just pulled into driveway, gotta Put On my show but I'll beE in touch tomorrow!

deputygardener - @zombiedanny @dontgetcarter Guys now my heads really hurting. I'm lost. And still don't know how your stuff is connected Danny.

deputygardener - Gonna grab a beer and watch a game, whatever is on. Need to clear my head out a bit I think!!


dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny Still digging? Quiet boy.... Need any help? I could use a painting just about now, grounded until Sat morning. Sad face :-(

zombiedanny - @dontgetcarter Heeey! Yeah will need help. My folks got whiff of what happened & kept me offline until today. They know what hurts the most!

dontgetcarter - @zombiedanny OK cool. Just let me know. I guess you got internet back huh? ;-P I'm here, 'studying'. Nothin' else to dooo. :-(

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