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  • This mission is considered sabotage, so it requires patience and timing to avoid patrols.
  • It is has spots where you cannot avoid fights, and some of the monsters are much harder than others in the area.
  • There are environmental hazards that you'll have to go through that require 5.5K HP or more to survive
  • There are spots that require good jumping an platforming skills in order to jump from tiny platform to tiny platform.

This mission is often skipped for these reasons. Especially the jumping portion on tier 4, which could take several hours (days?) to master if you don't do well at precision jumping.

The Cost of Magic
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Coords: (475,878)
Given by: Zaha
Type: Sabotage
Reward: 1,000,000 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

A woman of the Romany is willing to share some of her magic. She knows ancient spells and incantations, and a ritual that is useful in the fight against vampires. Gathering all the ingredients among the many dangers lurking could prove the most challenging part, however.


Dialogue Scene Name

Zaha: "Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Zaha: Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting."
Zaha: I wish! William Shakespeare makes it sound so easy.
Zaha: My clan, they do not know the cost of magic. Do you?
Zaha: You have the look of one who has been changed and cannot go back. Back to magic not being your way.
Zaha: I know how you feel. It sets up apart.
Zaha: Romany men, they punch and wrestle like they are still bear-tamers.
Zaha: They rattle their silver charms and lucky symbols and they polish their saints' finger bones,
Zaha: but they have no trust for those who make magic.
Zaha: They think naked witches dancing on the mountaintop!
Zaha: So Milosh lets me work alone. That suits me fine.
Zaha: I like it better away from the camp.
Zaha: I can cover their behinds with no distractions.
Zaha: The clan has enough work inside that forest of ghosts.
Zaha: With my magic I make sure no wolves or fangs will surprise them.
Zaha: I have spells that warn, spells that bind, spells that burn and spells that blind.
Zaha: I'll show you, if you want.
Zaha: No naked dances!

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Zaha laments the Romany men's limited understanding of the value of magic. She has written down a useful ritual in her notebook, and all the ingredients required. She is willing to share if you are willing to do what it takes to complete the ritual.
    • Examine Zaha's notebook
  • Tier 2: The first ingredient is the blood of an elder vampire. This blood is extremely rare and valuable and is kept at the top of the well-guarded vampire bastion. Try to make your way up there to steal a sample.
    • Infiltrate the platforms in the vampire bastion
    • Steal the blood of an elder vampire
  • Tier 3: The second ingredient is the heart of an elder ghoul. When an elder is challenged and defeated by a younger member of the flock, his heart is mounted on a totem. The ghouls believe these totems grant them the strength of all their elders.
    • Go to the Sacred Heart Lake
    • Take the elder ghoul's heart from the totem
  • Tier 4: There are ingredients, herbs, that the Romany keep in secret caches, hidden away from undeserving hands. Only those who can interpret the Romany signs will be granted access.
    • Go to Dark Woods
    • Search for Romany signs
    • Access the Romany cache
    • Retrieve the Romany herb pouch
  • Tier 5: The last ingredient is the canine of a matriarch werewolf. The Romany trappers have set out traps at Vantoase Hill. With any luck there is one trapped there.
    • Go to Vantoase Hill
    • Retrieve a werewolf matriarch canine
  • Tier 6: With all the ingredients in your posession, it is time to complete the rigual near the tunnel leading to the Shadowy Forest.
    • Reach the ritual area




All magic is designated to change events. We approve.

The Draculesti have followed a path since the days of their patron, Vlad Dracul, and they have stayed true to their path. They are an important cog in the wheel of history, if only a small one.

We should endeavour to use that cog well, and put it in motion to best serve our models. Well done.


The girl's got game. I've got to hand it to her.

If it weren't for the fact that the place is pretty much stuck in the stone ages I might be tempted to come out and take a look for myself. Now, I don't mind roughing it, but I can't imagine there's a single decent latte in the area, and I get super cranky if I don't get my coffee.

You were totally cute jumping through hoops - literally - to complete the ritual. I can only hope you learned something.



Good show. I could see you followed the instructions to the letter. Splendid. This must have been a good lesson both in problem solving and in the potency of tradition and knowledge, cared for and handed down through generations.

There's something valiant about the Draculesti and the zeal they put forth, and I am pleased we can find common ground. I can only encourage you to learn as many lessons as you can out there.

R. Sonnac


There are 6 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/6

  • Examine Zaha's ritual notebook

Tier 2/6

  • Infiltrate the platforms in the vampire bastion
  • Steal the blood of an elder vampire
    • This is a tricky tier, watch the vamps and golems motions and evade them. Luring them onto mines can be a way to cope with them.
    • There are empty barrels which you can use. When you use them, you knock on them to create a noise which will lure golems away from their spot
    • When fighting vampires, especially the Sentinels, stand against barrels / crates to prevent them from kicking you off.
    • Trying to rush through is another method, easier to follow someone who tries doing that ;)

Tier 3/6

  • Go to the Sacred Heart Lake
  • Take an elder ghoul's heart from the totem
    • The lake is poisonous and will kill you, fast.
    • You'll have to jump from rock to rock, starting at some stairs on the south side of the lake at (447,633). Some of the platforms are too far apart to jump directly on to, so some running in the lake will be required. About 5-6K HP is recommended. (Or just run, and abuse anima state).
    • Stay away from the boss, loot the heart and run away
    • You will have the Protection of Pnath buff after looting the heart, which will protect you from the effects of the water for 2:30 minute, so feel free to run through it.

Tier 4/6

  • Go to the Dark Woods
  • Search for the Romany signs
    • As you come up the road, on your right will be a circular rune drawn on the rocks, at (475,609)
  • Access the Romany cache
    • Use the rune to spawn a stepping stone between the cliff and the first pillar, jump on it to cross over to the first pillar.
    • On the next pillar will be another rune to spawn the next set of jumps
    • Now the fun starts, more stepping stones and two more pillars, lots of jumping and probably lots of falling down.
    • Be sure to have sprint on, else you don't make the jumps, running for extra distance or such doesn't work
    • Also be careful with starting on someone else's platforms, they might disappear halfway during your jumping.
  • Retrieve the Romany herb pouch
    • In one of the crates on top of the 3rd platform

Tier 5/6

  • Go to Vantoase Hill
    • Marked on your map, the path begins at (293,489)
  • Retrieve a werewolf matriarch canine
    • Along the path are landmines, bear traps, trip wires, spikes, etc. All deadly. Make sure to watch for them while going up the path.
      • The trip wires are tied to fragmentation grenades and can be very hard to see. Watch for small yellow-outlined grenades on the sides of the path.
      • The traps typically do about 2500-3000 HP damage on a normal hit
    • Once at the top, watch out for the Romany Golems. Their attacks are extremely powerful, and can often be insta-kill if engaged.
    • There is a yellow-outlined werewolf corpse at (243,538) behind a large tree, to your right as you come up the path
    • Also watch out for bear traps that can slow you down from keeping away from the golems, and for hidden spike pits that you can fall into. The spike pits are indicated by brownish spots on the ground.

Tier 6/6

  • Reach the ritual area
    • Marked on your map at (326,436)
    • Go up the stairs to the right of the tunnel
    • The Romany Golem here will not attack
  • Read the ritual page
  • Start the ritual
    • Use the ritual altar
  • Complete the ritual
    • It is timed (05:00 minutes), but that is plenty of time to complete the ritual
    • Sequence for ritual
      1. She sets the bowl aflame - Use the bowl
      2. At the left hand, the blood is painted - Use the animal skin to your left as facing the altar
      3. She scatters the harvest upon the altar - Use the herb pouch
      4. At the right hand, the blood is painted - Use the animal skin to your right
      5. The tooth pierces the heard - Use the ghoul heart
      6. She draws the blade across her palm - Use the dagger
    • If done correctly, you will be afflicted with Bleeding, but the mission will be completed.

Other Information

  • During Tier 4, when you're on your second pillar, there are two runes, one will lead you to the Entry 1 for the Lore:Draculesti. You do not have to be on Tier 4 of this mission to activate the runes however, and can get the lore at any time

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