The Casino Pits

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The Casino Pits
Golden Wigwam Casino.jpg
Map Coordinates: (287,838)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Type: Player versus environment

The Casino Pits is the Blue Mountain lair. It is overrun with Zombies and Rock Golems. The Golden Wigwam Casino is a new Casino currently under construction in the Blue Mountain region of Solomon Island. When finished, it should bring in a large amount of money and tourists to the region. The land it is being built on was purchased from the Wabanaki.


The Casino Pits is located just northeast of the Agartha Entrance and can be found by following the ravine up to the fenced construction site.

Nearest Anima Well: Agartha Entrance

Lair Effects

Monsters in The Casino Pits have a high Block score and will gain additional damage mitigation when they successfully block. High Penetration rating counters both effects.

Lair: Increased Block Chance. Periodically gains a single stack of Regenerative Armour.

Trigger: Whenever target receives a penetrating hit, a single stack of Regenerative Armour is removed. Whenever target successfully blocks, it gains 2 stacks of Regenerative Armour. Penetration chance increased if target is suffering from Impairing effects.

Regenerative Armour: Stacks up to 10, each stack reduces damage taken by 5%


Starts at location

Broken ward stone

Location involved in

width Hide-and-Seek

Lair Bosses

Blue Harvester

  • Type: Specter
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: The Whole Truth
  • Abilities
    • Unknown
  • Notes
    • Phase in/Out: In: Lowered Physical resistance for higher magical resistance/ Out Lowered Magical Resistance for Higher Physical resistance, high wall which give him a higher block while casting (can be purged) and a rewound time where he adjust to best defend

Ferrous Dueller

  • Type: Junk Golem
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: Picking Up the Pieces
  • Abilities
    • Unknown
  • Notes
    • Hard hits, has a channel lightning attack that does up to 7k damage if not interrupted.

Polluted Effigy

  • Type: Mud Golem
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: The House Always Win
  • Abilities
    • Unknown
  • Notes
    • Summon small versions of him as adds. Got a buff to increase physical damage resistance that can be purge. Has a random chance of having knock back effects on attacks.

Regional Boss

Aspect of the Long-Toothed

  • Type: Wolf Guardian
  • HP: Unknown
  • Abilities
    • Hounded: He will target a random party member with a black laser and then chase them around the room. While moving around he will leave a trail of filth AoE where he walks.
  • Notes
    • Frontal filth aoe. Immune to impairs.
    • The player targeted by Hounded should take care to run away from the boss by hugging the walls of the room. This will cause the center of the room to be clear of the filth AoE the boss drops giving the group room to operate in.


  • The Casino Pits is located at ...
  • Map coordinates are (287,838)


This location is included in Over the Hills achievement under the name Golden Wigwam construction site.


  • This location is a Lair and should be avoid unless you are with a group and have around QL10 gear.