The Black Signal

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"The Black Signal" is a story arc in SWLicon.png Secret World Legends and TSWicon.png The Secret World.

It was included as "Issue 9" through "Issue 11" of TSWicon.png The Secret World and was included after launch of SWLicon.png Secret World Legends in a series of updates[1][2][3].

The story takes place after width The Venetian Agenda.

NOTE Technically the mission width Immersion works better, story wise, if it's played immediately before this.


Episode Mission Title Level Start Zone Repeatable
1 width Back to the Beginning 50 Agartha Yes
1.1 width Pieces of Sarah 50 Back to the Beginning Yes
2 width Runaway Circus 50 Kaidan No
3 width The Right of Way 50 Kaidan Yes
3.1 width Hell of a Blow 50 The Right of Way Yes
4 width Contract Killers 50 Kaidan Yes
4.1 width Masks in Exile 50 Contract Killers Yes
5 width The Pachinko Model 50 Kaidan Yes
5.1 width Dear Diary 50 The Pachinko Model Yes
6 width Spiral 50 Kaidan Yes
6.1 width Population of Filth 50 Spiral Yes
7 width Follow the White Rabbit 50 Kaidan No
8 width Youth Outreach 50 Kaidan Yes
9 width My Bloody Valentine 50 Kaidan Yes
9.1 width Dead Stories 50 My Bloody Valentine Yes
9.2 width Torn Pages 50 My Bloody Valentine Yes
10 width One Kill Ahead 50 Kaidan Yes
11 width Nightmare in the Dream Palace 50 Kaidan Yes
12 width The Signal 50 Kaidan No
13 width Assault on Orochi Tower 50 Kaidan Yes
13.1 width Fallen Allies 50 Assault on Orochi Tower Yes
14 width The Eight-Headed Serpent 50 Kaidan Yes
15 width Climbing Zagan 50 Kaidan Yes
16 width Climbing Faust 50 Kaidan Yes
17 width Climbing Manticore 50 Kaidan Yes
18 width Climbing QBL 50 Kaidan Yes
19 width Climbing Sycoil 50 Kaidan Yes
20 width Climbing Vali 50 Kaidan Yes
21 width Climbing Plethron 50 Kaidan Yes
22 width Climbing Anansi 50 Kaidan Yes
23 width Confrontations and Revelations 50 Kaidan Yes
23.1 width Portability 50 Confrontations and Revelations Yes