The Black Pyramid (Solo Instance)

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The Black Pyramid (Solo Instance)
Map Coordinates: (???, ???)
Region: City of the Sun God
Zone: Valley of the Sun God
Type: Instance

The Black Pyramid is one of the main focal points of the City of the Sun God zone. This instance takes place inside the pyramid. You enter through the door at the base of the pyramid, although it is only accessible during Tiers 8 and 9 of the Black Sun, Red Sand mission.


Involved In


The majority of the action takes place in the circular room at end of the instance. In the main room, you will have Marya and Orochi Group NPC's assisting. In this instance, the Orochi are helping rather than enemies. The side rooms are where the enemy Cultists come from, although entering those rooms is out-of-bounds for the mission, and will require you to return to the pyramid entrance to start over again.

The Black Pyramid Map.png


Environmental Hazards

  • There main platform in the circular room is suspended above a lava pit. There is bridges to the outer wall of the room, which is ringed by a platorm along the wall. Falling into the lava pit will kill you.


  • None specific to this location