The Black House (Location)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the location named "The Black House". For other uses of "The Black House", see The Black House.
The Black House (Location)
The Black House.jpg
Map Coordinates: (450,775)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Type: Player versus environment

The burnt-out shell of the Black House sits like an accusation among Solomon Island's picket fences and townhouses. Its owner gone but not forgotten, a witch's curse is said to linger in the property, preying on trespassers.

The Black House is the husk of a burned out home on the southern edge of the Black Goat Woods in the Savage Coast. It is known for being haunted.



Location involved in

width The Black House (Mission)


This location is included in Innsmouth Track & Field achievement.


  • Those who approach the Black House hear strange noises.