The Binding

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

The Binding
MissionTitle TheBinding.jpg
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Location: Houy's monument
Start Coords: (297,727)
End location: The Breach
Given by: Houy
Type: Investigation
Recommended Level: 41
Reward: 4,950 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

The story of the Sentinels is one of service and sacrifice. It has stretched across lifetimes and tested the wills of all involved. Learn the details of this ancient tale, and play your part in it - for the story is far from over.

Journal Entries

Mission Investigation.png The Binding       Main Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 41)
The story of the Sentinels is one of service and sacrifice. It has stretched across lifetimes and tested the wills of all involved. Learn the details of this ancient tale, and play your part in it - for the story is far from over.
Tier 1
Houy senses how things are changing in the valley. he bears witness to the earthquakes and falling stars, as well s the presence of strange visitors who have come to the valley in this time of crisis and need.
  • Seek out the unusual visitor.
  • Find part of what the High Priest buried
  • Recreate the Staff of Amun
Tier 2
The Staff of Amun is both a weapon and a key. it is meant to serve the High Priest of Amun, to hold him up through the burdens of an impossible promise.
  • Use the Staff of Amun
  • Find where to use the Staff of Amun
Tier 3
This is the centre of divine crossings, where all the gazes meet. here, the promises of the past beg to be revealed.
  • Use the Staff of Amun
Tier 4
In the days of battle, Hemitneter was a warrior. She was impulsive, daring, the quickest of all the siblings to get blood on her hands. Now, of the sentinels, she is the most restless - the one for whom memories of the binding are perhaps most painful.
  • Speak to Hemitneter
  • Uncover the means stored in Hemitneter’s Monument.
  • Investigate the papyrus
Tier 5
A hollow spear isn't likely to change the course of this war, but the secrets concealled in the pyramid very well may. Analyse the papyrus and unlock the mysteries of the pyramid.
  • Unlock the western portion of the pyramid.
  • Enter the western chamber
  • Investigate the western chamber
Tier 6
The fresco in the western chamber depicts a birth. The Pharaoh Akhenaten is thin and elongated, his wife an ideal of beauty. Their son was Tutankhaten, the Living Image of Aten, who later became Tutankhamen, and eventually, King Tut.
  • Unlock the southern portion of the pyramid.
  • Enter the southern chamber
  • Investigate the southern chamber
Tier 7
Tutankhamen was the prince, the son of Akhenaten. Thutmose was the friend, the son of the High Priest and the blessed of Horus. Together they allied against the spread of darkness. Those who heeded their call were the young warriors.
  • Unlock the eastern portion of the pyramid
  • Enter the eastern chamber
  • Investigate the eastern chamber
Tier 8
Ordinary men and women could not be counted on to keep the Pharaoh sealed inside the black pyramid. To enure the safety of all, a sacrifice had to be made. One by one, the children of the High Priest were invited to the altar.
  • Unlock the northern portion of the pyramid.
  • Find a way to the secret passage.
Tier 9
The past lies restless inside the pinnacle of the Black Pyramid.
  • Find the entrance to the secret chamber.
  • Unlock the secrets hidden in the pinnacle
  • Examine the fresco
  • Take the golden ram-headed sphinx.
Tier 10
The ram-headed sphinx is a symbol of Amun, the god who was displaced by the violent rise of Atenism. It was his strength that drove those who resisted the Black Pharaoh, and it is his strength that must now restore the faith of those who have lost it.
  • Deliver the sphinx to the High Priest to restore his faith.


There are 10 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/10

  • Seek out the unusual visitor.
    • Talk to the falcon, just outside Houy's monument, to your left as you come out
  • Find part of what the High Priest buried
Clue 1      
The falcon said to "mark the gazes of the gods, where they cross you'll find the pieces"
Clue 2      
You're going to have to refer to the zone map.
Clue 3      
But the icons on the map aren't all facing the same way they are in the zone
This would have been much easier if the images of the moments on the map were facing the same direction they are in the game.... See the map below for locations:

The Binding Tier 1.jpg
1 Map Pin Red.svg
2 Map Pin Red.svg
3 Map Pin Red.svg
4 Map Pin Red.svg
5 Map Pin Red.svg
Staff Piece Locations
1 Map Pin Red.svg Staff Head (56,467)
2 Map Pin Red.svg Upper Staff (708,309)
3 Map Pin Red.svg Middle Staff (77,951)
4 Map Pin Red.svg Lower Staff (52,438)
5 Map Pin Red.svg Pommel (647,811)
  • Recreate the Staff of Amun
To recreate it, you'll have to assemble it
Click on one of the pieces in your inventory.

Tier 2/10

  • Use the Staff of Amun
    • Use it from your inventory
  • Find where to use the Staff of Amun
Clue 1      
The staff said "the center is the chamber of eternal sun. That is where Amun’s staff will reveal the past to you"
Clue 2      
The map is 1024x1024
Clue 3      
If you're in the area and not sure where to go, use the staff again
Clue 4      
Remember the strange visitor that you talked to in the previous tier
Once you're in the general area, if you use the staff you should see a bird flying overhead. Follow the bird and you should end up at a cave entrance at (432,701). Enter the cave and continue on until you get the mission update at about (408,664)

Tier 3/10

  • Use the Staff of Amun
    • From your inventory
    • A cutscene will play

Tier 4/10

It's hollow, maybe something is inside it
Use your the item from your inventory to disassemble it
  • Investigate the papyrus
    • Use it from your inventory

Tier 5/10

  • Unlock the western portion of the pyramid.
    • Go to the area marked on your map.
    • To get up to the appropriate area, you may have to go up the stairs located at (737,523), and jump on the ledge on the right. Go to the other end of the ledge, at (690,463), and run through the opposite corner. Do not jump, or you will slide to the bottom of the pyramid. Continue around the pyramid at a steady altitude until you reach the west ledge.
    • There will be a number of doors there, you need to use the correct one.
The same symbols as on the papyrus, located at (714,357)
  • Enter the western chamber
    • Use the big door with the "Son God", Aten symbol, on it. In the middle of the doors you had to pick from to unlock it.
  • Investigate the western chamber
    • Click on the "Egyptian Fresco" inside

Tier 6/10

  • Unlock the southern portion of the pyramid.
Again, use the same symbol as on the papyrus, the one you want is located at (751,336)
  • Enter the southern chamber
  • Investigate the southern chamber
    • Again, use the "Egyptian Fresco" inside

Tier 7/10

  • Unlock the eastern portion of the pyramid
    • Use the same technique than before to reach the east ledge.
Clue 1      
You can't use the exact same symbols as on the papyrus here
Clue 2      
The symbols on the papyrus are Egyptian language
Clue 3      
More specifically, they are Egyptians numbers
Clue 4      
The 3rd character on the papysus (the one with the pointy top and feet pointing to the right) indicates addition
The first two characters "n" represent 10 each, or 20. The last two characters "nl" represent a 10 and a 1, so 11. The kind of "^" with feet pointing right indicates addition. 20+11 - 33. So, the Egyptian symbol for 33 would be "nnnl". Located at (837,399)
  • Enter the eastern chamber
  • Investigate the eastern chamber
    • Same as the previous chambers

Tier 8/10

  • Unlock the northern portion of the pyramid.
    • Use the same technique as before to reach the north ledge.
When the "^" symbol has feet pointing to the left, it is subtraction.
The "@"-like symbols are 100 each. The "n" symbols are 10 each. The "l" symbols are 1 each. So to the left of the "^" symbol you have 676. To the right of the subtraction symbol you have 634. 676-634 - 42. 42 would be "nnnnll". Use the symbols located at (768,475)).
  • Find a way to the secret passage.
Enter the pyramid, the door is on the left at (764,455)

Tier 9/10

  • Find the entrance to the secret chamber.
  • Unlock the secrets hidden in the pinnacle
    • You will see a "Bust of Nefertiti", "Bust of Tutankhamen", and "Bust of Akhenaten" in this room along with 3 empty pedestals behind hem
Clue 1      
The journal entry for tier 6 says that Tutankhamen is the son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.
Clue 2      
The journal entry for tier 9 says the son was stronger than the father.
Clue 3      
Make sure to also look at the fresco in there
Tutankhamen is the son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and the son was stronger (bigger) than the father. If you look at the fresco, the bigger guy is on the right, a female in the middle, and two little guys behind her.

Nefertiti, the female, goes in the middle.

Tutankhamen was stronger (bigger) than his father, and the fresco has the big guy on the right. So the "Bust of Tutankhamen" goes on the right.

Which leaves the bust of Akhenaten to go on the left.

  • Examine the fresco
    • A new one is revealed when you do this step right, click on it
  • Take the golden ram-headed sphinx.
    • It appears on the altar behind you.

Tier 10/10

  • Deliver the sphinx to the High Priest to restore his faith.
    • Bring it back to Ptahmose, marked on your map, and click him
    • A cutscene will play


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: The Binding
One must always assume that everything has changed and nothing can be counted on. A father's faith. A child's innocence. A dreamer's sleep. Do not bank on anything (do not bank at all, if it is possible).

Akhenaten has had a great deal of time to stir in the black juices of his defeat. We cannot expect him to be the same man who was sealed all those years ago. Nor can we expect the same straps to bind him.

If yesterday's sacrifices were still enough, you would not be there.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: The Binding
Oh, cry me a river. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I had a proper weekend? Believe me, we're all sacrificing here. Ugh. The way I see it, the little family signed up willingly for guard duty.

Now they need to follow through.

I realize it's not easy out there. I can only imagine what three thousand years of it must be like. But. If you can't handle the blood, don't get up on the altar. Seriously, don't get up on any altars.

Fun fact: In the patience versus smiting debate, we are firmly on the side of smiting.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: The Binding
"...and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together" (Gen. 22:6).

I ask you repeatedly to make sacrifices for the greater good. I ask the same of countless others. But I would never ask of you what has been asked of Ptahmose, because I doubt that I would be able to carry out such a thing myself.

The world is on notice - if it should ever come down to little Richard jr. being bound in any way, we may all be in great danger indeed. (There is no Richard jr. by the way...not yet. I am merely envisaging.)

A toast to all those who are better than us.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 4950
Anima Shards.png 800
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 495
Anima Shards.png + 120
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag
Glyph Reward Bag.jpg 1 Glyph Reward Bag

First Time Completion Rewards
Blue Bag.jpg 1 Investigation Vanity Reward Bag


Houy: Earthquakes and falling stars, and look in the sky, over the Enemy's pyramid!
Houy: And so many strange people...
Nefertari: Concentrate, Houy.
Houy: Then tell me another story sister. Tell me our story.
Nefertari: Very well.
Nefertari: Many days and many nights ago, a foolish Pharaoh cast the scales out of balance...
Houy: Like the scales of Annubis?
Nefertari: Yes. But not for a single soul. For all the souls in Egypt.
Nefertari: He refused the will of the gods, and was cruel to those who kept faith.
Houy: Did our father suffer?
Nefertari: The high priest of Amun suffered most of all. His duty was to serve both the Pharaoh and the gods, and he was torn.
Houy: Then there was the great war. I remember being moved from place to place, always moving.
Nefertari: To protect you. The High Priest's seven children were his greatest treasure.
Nefertari: When the war ended, he discovered Egypt's peace could live on through them. Forever.
Houy: But now the peace is over. Is that our fault?
Ptahmose: (Walking up from outside) No, my son. You have all done more than a father could ask.
Ptahmose: I have been so very proud of you, in every lifetime I have lived.
Ptahmose: And in every lifetime yet to come.
Tier 1      

When you talk to the "strange visitor", the falcon:

Falcon: The High Priest of Amun despairs of his sacrifice. His hope must be restored. Mark well the gazes of the gods, even Aten the false. Where they cross you will find the places where he buried his duty and his shame.
Tier 2      

When you use the staff:

Staff of Amun: There is always a hidden center. The priest buried his staff at the corners because the center is the chamber of eternal sun. That is where Amun’s staff will reveal the past to you.
Tier 3      

After you use the staff:

Ptahmose: My wish is to see you, O lord of the persea trees!
Ptahmose: May your throat take the north wind, that you may give satiety without eating and drunkenness without drinking.
Ptahmose: My wish is to look at you, that my heart rejoice,
Ptahmose: O, Amun, protector of the poor man:
Ptahmose: You are the father of the one who has no mother and the husband of the widow.
Ptahmose: Pleasant is the utterance of your name, it is like the taste of life.
Ptahmose: Come back to us, O lord of continuity.
Ptahmose: You were here before anything had come into being, and you will be here when they are gone.
Ptahmose: As you have caused me to see the darkness that is yours to give, make light for me that I may see you.
Ptahmose: O Amun, O great lord who can be found by seeking him,
Ptahmose: may you drive off fear!
Tier 4      

As you approach Hemitneter's monument energy beams shoot from its eyest, scorching the ground at your feet, stopping your approach

Thutmose:: Sister, stop! That is not the enemy!
Hemitneter: Oh. Right! Well. First off: oops, sorry.
Hemitneter: Secondly: still in one piece, no harm done, we're all friends here.
Nefertari: How do you not learn to temper yourself? You cannot just...smite everything that moves.
Hemitneter: Sure I can. Did you not just see how I smote that -
Thutmose:: What your sister means is-
Hemitneter: I know what she means. It's not like she hasn't lectured me for the better part of three thousand years.
Nefertari: And the fact that I've had to lecture you for so long should probably have sounded warning bells at some point.
Hemitneter: Well, sister, maybe we should be doing something besides pontificating on right and wrong from atop a high camel?
Hemitneter: If you haven't noticed, we're at war!
Thutmose:: Our days on the battlefield are over. Leave that to the young warriors, to the Marya.
Thutmose:: That's what they're here for. Ours is a different task, one of equal import.
Hemitneter: What happened to you, brother? I remember you and Prince Tut fighting side by side.
Hemitneter: You weren't afraid to get your hands bloody.
Thutmose:: I did what was right for our family, and for Egypt.
Thutmose:: That hasn't changed.
Nefertari: He grew up. There's a lesson in there for you.
Hemitneter: Don't you ever get tired of listening to your sermons?
Nefertari: I get tried of trying to talk sense into you. Because you never listen.
Hemitneter: Well, maybe there's a listen in there. For you!
Thutmose:: The two of you, stop it!
Thutmose:: You're both right, and you're both wrong.
Thutmose:: We're here to make sure what happened back then never happens again.
Thutmose:: We've managed to do so for a long time, but we face new challenges now.
Hemitneter: That's exactly my point, and...
Thutmose:: And we do not know how to deal with it.
Thutmose:: We do not know if our father anticipated this. But we cannot afford to be rash.
Thutmose:: I'm sure our role in this is not over, but until we know exactly what that is,
Thutmose:: I vote, we remain, calm.
Hemitneter: I vote we smite down anything that moves!
Nefertari: Imagine our surprise.
Tier 10      

After bringing the statue back to Ptahmose:

Moutemouia: (As Ptahmose enters one of the momuments). Baba!
Ptahmose: Hello, Mou. Hello, my children.
Nefertari the Younger: Hello, Baba.
Thutmose:: Father...
Houy: Hello, Baba.
Moutnefert: Hello, Baba.
Hemitneter: Hi, Baba.
Nefertari: Hello, father
Thutmose:: Hello Father, High Priest of Amun.
Moutemouia: Baba, the board is ready.
Ptahmose: Are we playing? You always beat me at Senet.
Moutemouia: You promised! And maybe I'll let you win this time.
Nefertari: So... What brings you, Father?
Ptahmose: I've just come to see you all, my beloved.
Houy: What did you bring us this time, Baba?
Ptahmose: I brought you stories.
Nefertari: Great, more stories.
Ptahmose: And a postcard from Reykjavik, a city so far north
Ptahmose: that it's almost always covered in snow.
Moutemouia: Snow! I want to see the snow.
Moutemouia: Can you bring use there some day? Please, Baba!
Houy: Oh, yes, please! I'd like to see the snow as well.
Ptahmose: Some day children.
Nefertari: Father!
Ptahmose: We all need hope, my sweet.
Nefertari: Even false hope?
Ptahmose: There's nothing false about hope, my sweet.
Nefertari: For as long as we've been trapped here,
Nefertari: you've brought us only stories and pictures.
Nefertari: How much longer do you intend to keep this up?
Ptahmose: For as long as it takes.
Ptahmose: I will never leave you.
Nefertari: Never is a very long time.
Moutemouia: Baba, come! I'm ready to play.
Ptahmose: I'll be right with you Mou.
Ptahmose sticks another postcard on a wall that already has several and then sits down to play with Moutemouia

Other Information

Related Achievements

  • This mission is required for the The Cat God achievement






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