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GUI Element Icons


clock - Clock
lock - Lock
daily - Daily Reward Box
menu - Pulldown Menu
purchase - Green Plus Purchase
sp - Skill Point
ap - Ability Point
wallet - Wallet Button
latency - Latency Icon
converse - Conversation Icon
legend - Honeycomb Legend/Lore Icon


Clock: Clock

Clock: {{SWLUI|clock}}

Lock: Lock

Lock: {{SWLUI|lock}}

Daily Reward: Daily

Daily Reward: {{SWLUI|daily}}

Pulldown Menu: Menu

Pulldown Menu: {{SWLUI|menu}}

Purchase Plus: Purchase

Purchase Plus: {{SWLUI|purchase}}

Skill Points: SP

Skill Points: {{SWLUI|sp}}

Ability Points: AP

Ability Points: {{SWLUI|ap}}

Wallet: Wallet

Wallet: {{SWLUI|wallet}}

Latency Icon: Latency

Latency Icon: {{SWLUI|latency}}

Conversation Icon: Converse

Conversation Icon: {{SWLUI|converse}}

Legend Icon: Legend

Legend Icon: {{SWLUI|legend}}