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Anonymous, no source

Because a lot of the information on The Secret World Wiki are the words of others, it is imperative that we quote them and cite them appropriately. This template should make this process easy, and also display the quote on a page in a flashy and easy to read way.


Place this at the top of your page, and fill in the information provided (variable descriptions follow the code):

| quote =
| whosaid =
| source =
| align =

Variable descriptions

quote - This is the main body of the quote box. Just copy and paste the text to be quoted after the "=" sign. Do not worry about spacing with the information copied.

whosaid - Place the speaker of the quote in this area. If a profile or page can be linked for more information on the speaker, format the name as a link to that page. If left blank, "Anonymous" will be displayed.

source - All quotations have a source, and they need to be cited to ensure that credit is given to the speaker. If the quotation is taken from an internet location, format the word "source" as a link to the location. If this is left blank, the words "no source" will be displayed.

align - Entering the attributes "right," "left," or "center" will display the quote box in those locations on the page.