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The purpose of this template is to hide content which provides the location of the lore honeycomb by description, map coordinates, or both.


This is typically included as part of the Boilerplate:Lorepage, but could also be used on any page where location of something is to be hidden to prevent spoilers. See also - Spoiler tag for hiding generic spoiler information.

Copy and paste the syntax below wherever you want the location/spoilerbox to show up on the page.

{{Location|'''[[Zone]], coords:''' ''Description of location''}}


{{Location|'''[[Kingsmouth]], {{Coords|238|509|Kingsmouth|Lore-1}}:''' ''Behind a mausoleum in the graveyard behind the [[Kingsmouth Congregational Church]].''}}:

Kingsmouth, (238,509): Behind a mausoleum in the graveyard behind the Kingsmouth Congregational Church.


Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
Zone Yes The zone, instance, dungeon that this location takes place in Link to main article for this zone
Coords No Coordinates for where the location is on the map of the area. While not required, it should be included in any area that has coords, and only skipped for instances that do not have a map available in-game. If the location takes place in a zone that has a map, use {{coords|xxx|yyy|Map|Description}}. See Template:Coords for usage of the coords template.
If location takes place in an area that does not have a map use (xxx, yyy)
Description Yes A brief description of where the location is, or how to get to it if not obvious. Text