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Mission Story.png Journal       Story Mission
Tier 1
Tier 1 Description
  • Tier 1 Objectives
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This template is to be used when creating Category:Missions pages. It formats the journal entries for missions in a window similar to the one used in The Secret World.


Place this under the Journal Entries heading on each mission page and fill in the information provided. Note that this should already be done for you as part of the Missionpage boilerplate.

You are free to ignore optional variables, as they will be hidden in the template if no information is specified.

|content = 
|level = 
|name = 
|type = 
|nightmare = 
|repeat = 
|desc = 
|tier1 = 
|tierX = 


Parameter Required Description Accepted Values Default
content No Is this for SWL or TSW "SWL", "TSW" TSW
level Yes Required if "Content=SWL", ignored if "Content=TSW"
Recommended level for this mission
name No Name of the mission. <Name> Pagename
type Yes Type of the mission. <Story, Action, Investigation, Sabotage, Item, Dungeon, Raid, PvP, Scenario> Story
nightmare No Whether or not the mission is labelled as Nightmare. <Yes, No> No
repeat No Whether or not the mission is repeatable. <Yes, No> Yes
desc No Overall description of the mission. This is the text that appears above the individual tier description windows. <Description>
tier1 Yes First tier mission description and objectives. All objectives should be placed on separate lines with bullet points after the primary tier description text.

For an example, see Assault on Orochi Tower.
<Tier description
* Tier objectives>
Tier 1 description
* Tier 1 objectives
tierX No Additional tier mission descriptions and objectives. These should be formatted in the same manner as Tier1, with X replaced by the number of the mission tier. <Tier description
* Tier objectives>