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This template is a helper-template, meant to be used in various Category:Infobox templates rather than on it's own, although it could certain be used as a shortcut for displaying currency amount and images inline in an article. The main purpose is to allow for currency types to be updated in a single place rather than having to update multiple templates.


Use this template inside other templates (or on a page), and fill in the information provided. If some variables don't have info, just ignore it, and it will be hidden in the template.

{{Currency|ctype= |price1= |price2=}}


Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
ctype No This is the currency type of the first type of currency used See table below pax
price1 Yes The amount of the 1st currency type to be displayed Number
price2 No If a second currency is needed, this is it's amount Number

The current ctypes allowed are:

For items that use 2 types of currency:

  • If ctype is 3af -- price2 will be 3as
  • For any other ctype -- price2 will be Pax Romana
    • The template will need to be updated if any more combinations of currency are added)