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  1. Typical usage - {{Coords|100|100|Kingsmouth}} = (100,100)
  2. Typical usage with named pin - {{Coords|100|100|Kingsmouth|Test}} = (100,100)
  3. Non-standard map size - {{Coords|100|100|Gamelin Hunting||843|873}} = (100,100)
  4. Map scaled down to 1/2 normal size - {{Coords|100|100|Kingsmouth||||2}} = (100,100)

Global/Image Parameters

Parameter Required Description Values Default
1 Yes X-axis (first value of the coords) of the location <number> No Default
2 Yes Y-axis (second value of the coords) of the location <number> No Default
3 Yes Name of the zone/map.
Assumes that map for the zone/area will be <name>_map.jpg
<Nam> No Default
4 No A descriptive name for the pin.
NOTE:Use of special characters may not translate properly when displayed on the map. For accented characters or symbols, make sure to test to see how it looks after the link is clicked
5 No The width of the map. Normally not used. The template is set up to recognize zone maps and set their size automatically.
May need to be set for use with maps other than zone maps where map size may not be 1024x1024
<Number> 1024
6 Yes if #5 is set
Not used otherwise
The height of the map. Normally not used.
May need to be set for use with maps other than zone maps where map size may not be 1024x1024
<Number> 1024
7 No Divisor for map size when default height/width is used.
Ignored if custom height/width is set.
<number> 1

Parameter Notes

  • Parameter #6 MUST be set if #5 is set.
  • Parameter #7 is ignored if #5 is set
  • For blank parameters, use "|" with no value set for empty parameters (see example #4 above)
  • For most zone/hub maps all you should need is {{coords|x|y|zone}}. That will create a link to a map of the zone with a pin placed at the appropriate location.
    • See example #1 above.
  • If you wish to replace the default (x,y) name for the pin at the bottom of the image, you can use parameter 4 to give it a name
    • See example #2 above
    • NOTE: Currently descriptions (parameter #4) must only contain alphanumeric characters. Special symbols will be translated to URL encoding. If multiple words are used for the pin description, spaces will be replaced with "_" (underbars)
  • For most non-standard/non-zone maps, you'll need to add the map size as well if it is not the standard 1024x1024.
    • See example #3 above.
  • If for some reason you want to scale down a map so that it displays at 1/2 or 1/4 it's normal size, you can use parameter six to do. This will allow proper coordinates to be entered and displayed on a map while still placing the marker pin correction the scaled down version of the map. (Such as a pin at 800x800 on a 1024x1024 map that is scaled down to 1/2 (512x512)
    • See example #4 above.
    • Note that it's unlikely to need this function since the map displays on it's own page and so size is not typically a factor
    • Using fractions should work to scale a picture up (entering .5 should create an image double it's normal size) but this also will not normally be needed.

Template Maintenance

  • Right now it defaults to 1024x1024 for map sizes. Maps with different sizes that are used regularly should be added to the exception list inside the template (Maps only used once or twice can be specified in the calling template). Currently there are exceptions for maps of these sizes:
    • 512x512 (Cities and Dungeons mostly)
    • 1024x1536 (Scorched Desert)
    • 1536*1536 (Transylvania maps)
  • "if 5|" - If width is set, use the user specified width and go right to the ShowCoords page


  • Parameter #4 needs a urldecode function, currently not supported in mediawiki