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  • [[{{{name}}}]] - [Unknown AP, {{{type}}}, Single Attack, Single Target] - (description needed)
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This template can be used to create the ability listings on weapon pages, such as Assault Rifle. Parameters may be left blank. Note that code to create the list format is included, so you do not need to use a leading * before the template entry.



Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
abilityname Yes Needs to be included in order to help with transclusion and use with other templates Name of item
apcost Yes Cost in Ability Points to purchase the ability <integer>
type Yes Ability type according to the description SWL use one of - Basic, Power, Special, Passive
TSW use one of - Active, Active Elite, Passive, Passive Elite, Active Auxiliary, Passive Auxiliary
category No Attack/Heal category Single Attack, Frenzy, Burst, Strike, Direct Heal, Chain, HoT, Focus Single Attack
target No Single/Multi-target category. Use TAoE for chain Single, Self, Group, PBAoE, TAoE, GTAoE, Cone AoE, Column AoE Single
effect No Any Status Effects the ability applies to targets Hinder, Afflict, Impair, Weaken
modifies No For passive abilities that modify an active ability, list that ability here.
Use wiki markups to create links to modified abilities
ability Blank
description yes Simple in-game description of the ability <description>


  • Fire at Will - [1 AP, Active, Frenzy, TAoE] - An assault rifle frenzy that deals a large amount of damage in a targeted area. Consumes all assault rifle resources.
  • Demolition, Man - [50 AP, Elite Passive, Single Attack, Single Target] - Whenever you set hindered state, you also apply an explosives charge that deals a large amount of damage.

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