Sympathy for the Devil Revisited

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Sympathy for the Devil Revisited
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Coords: 982, 685
Given by: Amir
Type: Dungeon
Reward: 323,890 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Sympathy for the Devil Revisited is the Mission Journal entry used for re-running the Sympathy for the Devil mission for Hell Fallen (Dungeon). The information below is the relevant information for the Sympathy for the Devil mission that applies to subsequent re-runs.

For the most part - the only thing that really changes is the reward. The "Revisited" runs do not get weapon items as rewards and earn less XP than the original mission.

The Jinn Lord, Amir, has warned you of a conflict in the Hell Dimensions that could have repercussions on Earth. Rival armies, one led by a once-human magus named Theodore Wicker, clash - and Wicker's time is running out. Your intervention could stop the war spilling over.


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To claim ownership of these dimensions is to claim ownership of entropy itself. That is why no would-be master has outlived its burning shores. The demands are too great. It craves change but cannot support it.

Wicker rebuilds a wall that is doomed to collapse, as it already did generations ago. Whether this war is won or lost, in time all will slip through his grasping fingers, like caustic sand.

This, too, may be the will of the dragon. When the conflict has been steered to a conclusion, the path through the wreckage will become clear.


War, huh? Explains why the switchboards are jammed for getting through to our usual contacts on the other side. This really isn't convenient for us, some of the board members still get a little homesick.

I'm still super tempted to reach out to Wicker. Snappy dresser, love that accent, unburdened by basic human empathy...but no, we can't throw our chips in yet. The situation could go either way, and that's one more way than we prefer.

Consider Hell on the backburner for now. A little time to simmer could make all the difference.



Excellent news. We're too stretched attending earthly matters to commit to old-fashioned open warefare with the hell Dimensions. Earth itself could certainly use a breather.

So, engineering a Pyrrhic victory for Wicker within his adopted heartland is the best of a bad situation. If in his despondency he should return to out reality, we can hold him accountable for the mess he left behind in Soho.

As figurehead of a cult of personality, though, I feel he will choose to go down with the ship. Even in his mania, he maintains a missionary's devotion.

R. Sonnac


There is 1 tier to this mission.

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