Sympathy for the Devil

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Sympathy for the Devil
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Coords: 982, 685
Given by: Amir
Type: Dungeon
Reward: 971,670 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0
Hell Fallen Map.jpg

The Jinn Lord, Amir, has warned you of a conflict in the Hell Dimensions that could have repercussions on Earth. Rival armies, one led by a once-human magus named Theodore Wicker, clash - and Wicker's time is running out. Your intervention could stop the war spilling over.



Amir: Listen.
Amir: Can you hear it, monkey, building around you?
Amir: In the cannibal hymn of insects. In the whine of the flesh-stripping sandstorm.
Amir: In the cry of zephyrs over jagged rocks?
Amir: It is the Howling, where I come from...
Amir: Where I am forbidden to return.
Amir: It strains against the divide, like the wind batters a mighty dune.
Amir: You should know that two pretenders war for control of the once-great demon tribes.
Amir: One is an ape that thinks itself profound.
Amir: In your world, it was called Wicker.
Amir: I owe this...Wicker a debt.
Amir: So I offer it up to you.
Amir: I see in time, in little time, a figurehead toppled and their army left to eat itself.
Amir: The victor claims the Howling, at least for a short eternity
Amir: but that will not sate them.
Amir: They will cross the divide and claim what is left of Gaia.
Amir: She is already imperiled enough, with defenders such as your kind.
Amir: As we speak, I see Wicker encircled by fire.
Amir: The circle is tightening.
Amir: Act, or do not act.
Amir: I leave you to exercise your vaunted free will.

During Mission

[while players cross sandstorm, Wicker's voice addresses his realm]

Theodore Wicker: I am separated from you, besieged. Atop a failing bastion, I see them march on the walls of Sheol.
Theodore Wicker: The civil war can still be ceased, my kin. If not ceased, then you must put it to an end.
Theodore Wicker: Should I fall, you will not. Remember my words. Let my execution be a mere footnote to your cathedrals of industry.

[following sandstorm, Wicker speaks directly to players.]

Theodore Wicker: You are persistent in clinging to life.
Theodore Wicker: Make for higher ground, or the storm will strip you to your shadow. My attackers, I warn you, would consider that a merciful torture.
Theodore Wicker: This is the only path to the plateau. Some scavenge the ruins for a means to rebuild. Others, for the very weapons that brought ruin upon them.

[before Engine Tyrants:]

Theodore Wicker: These engines are dangerous opponents. Carnage is their existence, their fuel. Without violence, their alloy veins would seize.

[on reaching battlefield]

Theodore Wicker: This was not your fight. However, geography has conspired to place you between hammer and anvil. Hold this ground against the siege, and I will work the gate's hydraulics.

[after battle with lava monsters]

Theodore Wicker: Such silence, in the eye of the storm.
Theodore Wicker: The defences are lowered. You are free to...
Theodore Wicker: Join me above, quickly, a power is come upon us.

[during final fight]

Theodore Wicker: Take shelter! This gale would disintegrate you.
Theodore Wicker: Protect yourselves!
Theodore Wicker: Gather close to me, I can mend you.
Theodore Wicker: Come closer, flesh is simple enough to repair.
Attacking Power: Assassins, earn your place atop the Nine Houses. Bring me the one in white's head.
Attacking Power: I tire of this dance already.
Attacking Power: Don't toy with them, just finish them.
Attacking Power: A lesson learned, never send killers to do a soldier's errand. I empower you, demon, to a short and brutal life.
Attacking Power: When we cross each other again, ape, your city will lie in dust.

End of Mission

Theodore Wicker: I had hoped to reach a more diplomatic solution than martyrdom.
Theodore Wicker: But I forgive them.
Theodore Wicker: Aggression is all demons have known. They are abandoned children, feral children,
Theodore Wicker: grown spiteful with longing for what they cannot possess.
Theodore Wicker: They glimpse your world through the cracks.
Theodore Wicker: They are summoned and prostituted by gutter mages, amateurs, who know nothing of these iron shores.
Theodore Wicker: So you see, contrary to popular literature, it is humanity that corrupted demonkind.
Theodore Wicker: Irony as bitter as machine oil.
Theodore Wicker: I dedicated myself to raising these dire devices.
Theodore Wicker: I have been tireless. There is no day, nor night, nor the passing of seasons here. Time itself withered and died.
Theodore Wicker: I, and those with the courage to believe in my ideal, have worked factory aeons to rebuild.
Theodore Wicker: This city. It is my monument. It is our age's beacon.
Theodore Wicker: And in its awesome light, no demon shall look upon itself and be wanting.
Theodore Wicker: You understand how this rebellion threatens everything.
Theodore Wicker: I have shown them we can manufacture Paradise. Yet still they lust for...
Theodore Wicker: Earth. I bid you adieu.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Push through the Hell portal in the City of the Sun God to begin your search for Wicker
    • Enter the Hell Dimensions.
    • Head for the fortress.
    • Scale the plateau.
    • Defeat the Engine Tyrants.
    • Reach the fortress gates.
    • Break the siege.
    • Meet with Theodore Wicker.
    • Defend Wicker from the Enemy and his assassins.




To claim ownership of these dimensions is to claim ownership of entropy itself. That is why no would-be master has outlived its burning shores. The demands are too great. It craves change but cannot support it.

Wicker rebuilds a wall that is doomed to collapse, as it already did generations ago. Whether this war is won or lost, in time all will slip through his grasping fingers, like caustic sand.

This, too, may be the will of the dragon. When the conflict has been steered to a conclusion, the path through the wreckage will become clear.


War, huh? Explains why the switchboards are jammed for getting through to our usual contacts on the other side. This really isn't convenient for us, some of the board members still get a little homesick.

I'm still super tempted to reach out to Wicker. Snappy dresser, love that accent, unburdened by basic human empathy...but no, we can't throw our chips in yet. The situation could go either way, and that's one more way than we prefer.

Consider Hell on the backburner for now. A little time to simmer could make all the difference.



Excellent news. We're too stretched attending earthly matters to commit to old-fashioned open warefare with the hell Dimensions. Earth itself could certainly use a breather.

So, engineering a Pyrrhic victory for Wicker within his adopted heartland is the best of a bad situation. If in his despondency he should return to out reality, we can hold him accountable for the mess he left behind in Soho.

As figurehead of a cult of personality, though, I feel he will choose to go down with the ship. Even in his mania, he maintains a missionary's devotion.

R. Sonnac


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Push through the Hell portal in the City of the Sun God to begin your search for Wicker

Tier 1/1

    • Enter the Hell Dimensions. (Hell Fallen dungeon)
    • Head for the fortress.
    • Scale the plateau.
    • Defeat the Engine Tyrants.
    • Reach the fortress gates.
    • Break the siege.
    • Meet with Theodore Wicker.
    • Defend Wicker from the Enemy and his assassins.

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