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Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Sycoil (slogan: "Fuelling Innovation") is one of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group. They focus on power and alternative energy sources. [1][2]

However, among the Secret World, it is suspected that Sycoil is trying to find ways to use Anima as a power source.[3]


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Sycoil has been in involved in a number of recent projects.

They have been developing and testing new solar panel cells to improve existing technology, as well as the potential uses of bio-luminescent Fungal Filth. They identified applications in biotechnology, tracking, lighting, agriculture, and body modification. Researchers at Sycoil were responsible for prototyping and creating the electrically powered portable Anima wells used by the Mitsubachi. They were also studying Agartha Custodians, and other applications of third age technology.

Sycoil has also been involved in drilling operations in the Sargasso Sea, partnering with Váli to study the Draug. Although under strict orders from executives to avoid the filth, some Sycoil researches continued to do so.


"Psych-" (from greek "Psyche") is a prefix meaning "soul" or "mind", and digging for the Filth, a type of thinking oil or oily thought, seems to be part of Sycoil's mission. The Greek Psyche was a mortal woman who, having betrayed her lover Eros, sought to regain his favor through, among other tasks, a mission through the underworld.

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