Suppressing Fire

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AbilityBackgroundRanged.pngSuppressing Fire.pngAbilityBorderNormal.png
Weapon AR
Cell Bombardment
Cost 9 AP
Category Frenzy
Type Active
Target TAoE
Cast Time (s) 1
Recharge (s) Instant
Builds 1 Resource
Builds for Both weapons
Improvement Abilities Eagle Eye, Frenzy Passives
Included in Deck Mercenary

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.

Tips and Tactics

Suppressing Fire adds an Assault Rifle resource to all hit targets on the first hit of the channel, but adds the resource to yourself for any secondary weapon on the last hit of the channel. If you interrupt your channel early, you can prevent yourself from gaining secondary resources.