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Status Effect are (often temporary) effects which alter character statistics, such as hit chance, penetration chance, and so forth, whether negatively or positively. They tend to be associated with State. While there are only four states, there are many status effects. Status Effects, as a general rule, are split into two categories: positive effects used on the player itself or their allies (Buffs), or negative effects inflicted on enemies (De-Buffs). The current game rules do not have any mixed status effects (such as offering tradeoffs between two statistics).


Some status effects stack. That is, they can be applied more than once to a single target. In this context, a stack is a single application of a status effect. Most status effects can only stack a limited number of times. The net effect of all stacks is the sum of the effects of the different stacks.

Whenever a target gains a stack of a status effect, the duration of the effect is reset. Once this duration expires, the target loses one stack, but retains all the other stacks, if any. In this way, the number of stacks both influences the duration of the effect, and its impact on statistics.

Differently named status effects stack and do not interfere with each other.


Buffs are status effects that temporarily boost the statistics of the player, or anyone friendly to the player, such as a group-member. These can be either Offensive (raising Attack Power, Hit Rating, or Critical Hit Chance) or Defensive (raising Defense Rating, Block/Evade chance, or Magical/Physical Protection)

Buffs can also be obtained through Consumable items such as Energy Drinks and Anima tonics. Only one consumable buff can be active at any one time, but Consumable buffs last for up to 60 minutes of real-world time, making them a potent supplement for solo characters and team players alike.

While Heal-over-Time effects are Buffs (in a sense) Healing effects are all described in a separate article.


The antithesis to Buffing, De-Buffs are negative effects that someone inflicts on his/her enemies in order to reduce their effectiveness. This can include, but is not limited to, reducing Attack Power or Defense Rating, and reducing their chance to Block or Evade. it's not uncommon for a Support character to use complimenting buffs and de-buffs together for additional potency; for example, using Hit Rating buffs in conjunction with Defense Rating de-buffs.


A Cleanse ability is a Counter-attack for De-Buffs. Whenever a Cleanse ability goes off, it removes an enemy-inflicted De-Buff, either from the player themselves, an ally, or sometimes the player's entire group. Depending on the situation, and the abilities of the foes being fought, Cleanse effects can be as good, or better than, straight-up Buffing.


Much like Cleansing, Purging is a counter-attack to enemy Buffs; when a Purge ability hits, it removes a beneficial status effect from the enemy or enemies hit by the attack. Some foes that are prone to enhancing their own Attack Power or Defense can be made measurably less threatening by repeatedly removing their self-induced Buffs.

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