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Sprinting allows your character to move around the world more quickly. By default it is bound to the X button. If you are hit by an attack, or perform an attack, you automatically stop sprinting. You may sprint past enemies as long as they do not hit you with a direct attack. a miss, a debuff, or an AoE, does not disrupt sprinting.

Sprinting must be channeled for 1 second before it activates, you may move freely while channeling it. If you are already in combat mode, any attempt to channel sprinting will be ignored by the game until you have escaped all the enemies.

This makes sprinting very useful for running past enemies, but unusable for escaping once combat has started.

Quickened Anima

Your default sprinting speed is 50% faster than normal movement. This can be upgraded by purchasing various ranks of Quickened Anima from your faction's Mobility and Tactics Trainer in your faction headquarter.

NOTE: If you had sprinting active while purchasing any of the above, you will have to manually dismiss the previous level of sprinting (by right-clicking on the icon) before you can activate sprinting using the new version you've purchased.