Spooky Stories of Solomon Island

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Spooky Stories of Solomon Island
Spooky stories cover insert.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Start Location: The Treehouse
Start Coords: (495,898)
Given by: Danny's Book of Spooky Stories
Type: Item
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update Seasonal

In the League of Monster Slayers clubhouse, there is a book of unfinished tales, with a note nearby. Read the note to find out more about this mysterious book.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: No entry
    • Read the note beside the book
    • Search Solomon Island for stories and then return them to Danny's book
    • Deliver the book to Danny Dufresne




Let me tell you a story from the future. A security guard reads a book of spooky stories. One of them triggers a fear reaction - his pupils dilate and icy fingers seem to touch his spine. He shivers and wipes his eyes. In the space of that shiver, you are past him and into the maximum security area of Orochi Tower...

Stories are the purest form of telepathy. They allow us to communicate across space, but also across time and spirit. A skilled writer can communicate every skipped heartbeat, every fearful breath and every blood wound. Words are power. Your future depends upon them.


That Danny kid is wholesomely adorable, isn't he? Most of the kids you meet in this job are either possessed by entities from the outer dark, filled with some kind of godly power or busy trying out the benefits of erotic asphyxiation. Okay that last one might have just been Bieber when we first picked him up. Anyhow, don't judge the whole organization by the massive black hole of occult fuckery that is Solomon Island. That place is a magnet for weird shit and if you haven't learned anything else by now, take this one to heart: this could happen everywhere if we don't slam a lid down on Tokyo.


Solomon Island may well qualify as the location in the world with the most ghostly stories per square feet in the entire world. No matter how deep you dig on that island, there always seem to be a layer of fresh skeletons waiting just beneath. The fact that you found all these stories is remarkable; the fact that you could verify most of them... that's disturbing. We'll pass this to the archivists. They tend to score a bit further down the courage scale than your average Templar - this collection might keep them up for weeks.


There is only 1 tier for this mission

Tier 1/1

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