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The main menu is where you configure the game's controls and audio/visual settings.
The default to activate the main menu is F10, it can also be accessed by pressing ESC if no windows are open.
{| class="wikitable" border="0"
| Clock {{SWLUI|clock}}||The clock can show either in-game (white) or real-world time (green). Clicking on the time switches between the two.||No
| [[[[GUI/Lock|Lock]] {{SWLUI|lock}}||Clicking on the lock on the upper right lets you move UI elements. (For more customization, use [[GUI/Main Menu/Interface|Interface Options]] from the Main Menu.)||No
| [[GUI/HUD/Chat Window|Chat Window]]||Communications/CLI Commands||Size/Position
| [[GUI/HUD/Defense Target/|Defense Target]]||Defensive Target (Not Shown)||Size/Position
| [[GUI/HUD/Group Window|Team/Raid Window]]||Showing information about players on your team. (Not Shown)||Size/Position
! style="width: 15%;" | Customize?
| [[GUI/HUD/Health Bar|Health Bar]]||Character Current/Maximum Health. Any buffs/debuffs will appear above this bar.||Size/Position
| [[GUI/HUD/Weapon Status|Weapon Status]]||Charging Status for Each Weapon||Size/Position
| [[GUI/HUD/Anima Essence|Anima Essence]]||Death penalty. Click to replenish using [[Anima Shard|anima shards]] {{token|as}}.||No
| [[GUI/HUD/Weapon Power|Weapon Power]]||Energy for Each Weapon||Size/Position
| [[GUI/HUD/Health Potions|Health Potions]]||Number of Health Potions. Click green plus {{SWLUI|purchase}} to replenish.||No
| [[GUI/HUD/Gadget|Gadget]]||Equipped Gadget||No
| [[GUI/HUD/Sprint|Sprint]]||Mount/Sprint/Run Status||No
| [[Quick Access Inventory]]||Quick Access Inventory||No
== Customization ==
Funcom has already included two primary methods to tailor the user interface to your needs:
* [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_InterfaceGUI/Main Menu/Interface|Interface Options]] (accessed using the main menu)* [[SWL_GUI_LockGUI/HUD/Lock|Lock]] (click the lock {{SWLUI|menu}} icon on the upper right of the top menu bar to toggle edit mode)
There's also UI Mods, Macros, etc... See [[Customization]].
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