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== Customization ==
=== Built-in Options ===
Funcom has already included two primary methods to tailor the user interface to your needs:
* [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]] (accessed using the main menu)
* [[SWL_GUI_Lock|Lock]] (click the lock {{SWLUI|menu}} icon on the upper right of the top menu bar to toggle edit mode)
Additionally thereThere's also:* [[setoption|Setoption]] Several Hidden options that can affect the UI of the game.* [[SWL_GUI_Macros|Mods, Macros]] (macro creation/usage/editing) === Mods ===Mods can be found on two sites, be aware that only mods updated in 2017 will be guaranteed to work with Secret World Legendsetc.* [ CurseSee [[Customization]]* [ SecretUI]=== Fonts === === Copying Keybinds === === Copying Settings ===   

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