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| Clock {{SWLUI|clock}}||The clock can show either in-game (white) or real-world time (green). Clicking on the time switches between the two.||No
| [[SWL_GUI_Lock| Lock ]] {{SWLUI|lock}}||Clicking on the lock on the upper right lets you move UI elements. (For more customization, use [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]] from the Main Menu.)||No
* [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]] (accessed using the main menu)
* [[SWL_GUI_Lock|Lock]] (click the lock {{SWLUI|menu}} icon on the upper right of the top menu bar to toggle edit mode)
* [[SWL_GUI_Macros|Macros}} (macro creation/usage/editing)
=== Mods ===
=== Copying Settings ===
Check users, editor, masseditregex, Administrators, Widget editors

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