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The default to activate the main menu is F10.
* '''{| class="wikitable" border="0"|-! style="width: 20%;" | Element! style="width: 80%;" | Description|-| [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Audio|Audio Options]]''': ||Audio Configuration* '''|-| [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Video|Video Options]]''': ||Video/Graphics Configuration* '''|-| [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]]''': ||GUI Configuration* '''|-| Character Select''': ||Return to Character Select* '''|-| Exit Game''': ||Exit To Desktop* '''|-| Resume Game''': ||Close Main Menu|}
==== Top Bar ====
* '''{| class="wikitable" border="0"|-! style="width: 20%;" | Element! style="width: 65%;" | Description! style="width: 15%;" | Customize?|-| [[[SWL_GUI_Pulldown_Menu|Menu''' - ]]||Pull down menu.||No|-* '''| [[Patron]]''' - ||Manage Patron (Membership) Status||No* '''|-| [[Daily Login Rewards]]''' - ||Claim Daily Login Rewards||No|-* '''| [[Aurum]]''' - ||Amount of Aurum you have. (The green plus overlay will display a open the purchase window.)||No.* '''|-| [[Marks of Favor]]''' - ||Amount of Marks Of Favor you have.||No.|-* '''| [[Anima Shards]]''' - ||Amount of Anima Shards you have.||No.|-* '''| Compass||Your character''' s facing direction.||Size/Position.|- Shows the direction you are facing* '''| Blue SP''' - ||Unspent [[Skill Point]]s||No.* '''|-| Orange AP''' - ||Unspent [[Ability Point]]s||No.* '''|-| Latency''' - ||Uses a symbol similar to cell-phone bars to display your network [[Glossary#Latency|Latency]].||No.|- * '''| Clock''' - ||The clock can show either in-game or real-world time. Clicking on the time switches between the two. ||No.|-* '''| Lock''' - ||Clicking on the lock on the upper right lets you move UI elements. (For more customization, use [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]] from the Main Menu.)||No.|} 
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