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Initially, after the events of At the Door, the Sanctuary of Secrets website was stuck in a loop playing nothing but what appeared to be static. Debate over the nature of the static and images of the static raged on the (now gone) official forums. Leading up to the events of the Penny Arcade Expo of 2009, the Sanctuary of Secrets website began to change. The static that was displayed on the website began to show different images.

PAX 09

An example of one of the images being resolved in the static.

A few days before PAX 2009, debate was sparked anew and people were claiming to see more and more images in the static. As the event approached, the visibility of the images became clearer.

On Thursday prior to PAX 2009, the official forums site went "Under Maintenance" and returned sporting three new secret societies, background images, and forum avatars. A new teaser trailer was also found, although it had not yet officially been released at the time.

Aftermath of PAX 09

On September 7, 2009, after the PAX 2009 had ended, the website changed once again. The images that were clearly being overlaid in the static could no longer be seen. Still, effort continues on the forums to search for hidden meanings in the static. It has been theorized that, because of the effort being put into analyzing the static prior to PAX 2009, the developers placed images into the static to reward the community for their analytical abilities.

Further changes

The Sanctuary of Secrets website changed another time on September 9, 2009. The symbols underneath the image are written in the Alphabet of the Magi, similar to the video at the beginning of They Are Coming Back, and read: "A new beginning will start with the one we seek." While the community was hoping that something would happen at 9:09pm that evening, no events occurred.

Since this event, the conclusion of the "one we seek" can be related to The Fool's Journey, which also deals with the Sanctuary of Secrets seeking individuals.

A new image in the static.
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