Silk lounge slacks

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Silk lounge slacks
Silk robe slacks, green, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Legs

The Silk lounge slacks is a lightweight pants, similar to pajama pants. Typically meant to be worn with the matching Silk lounge robe



There are two options available in your inventory - Gold and 'Faction Colored'. However, the Faction Colored version will change to the appropriate color based on the faction of the person that used it.

  • Gold - A shiny, reflective gold material (not looking like silk at all) with a paisley pattern to it
  • Faction Colored -
    • Blue - Illuminati only
    • Green - Dragon only. A dark green color, with a black collar and belt.
    • Red - Templar only



Gold Blue
Silk robe slacks, gold, female.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Silk robe slacks, green, female.png Unknown.png


Gold Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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