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These are achievements related to the various Sidestories DLC.

Further Analysis

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Love & Loathing

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The Last Pagan

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  • Kawaii Crime Capers - Complete all missions in Sidestories: The Last Pagan. Note: The player can receive one Deep Mystery Box, per account, for this achievement.
  • Sycoil Smash - Gather a large group of sewer-dwelling Filth creatures and drop a Sycoil tanker on them.
  • Nest Ninja - Escape the Filthy nest in Kaidan by sneaking past the Birds of the Zero Point Pathogen without attracting any attention.
  • Catch Me If You Can - Complete the mission "The Bank Heist" without being seen.
  • The Colour of Tragic - Use the Frowning Mask of Kan'ami to follow a divergent emotional trail and discover its tragic tale.

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