Short vest jacket

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Short vest jacket
Short vest jacket, bright blue, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Coats
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: PaxRomana.png 1,500

The Short vest jacket basically a cropped vest, with the bottom of it coming almost to the waist. It has a very high color that would come up to the chin if zipped all the way up, but it is worn unzipped to the top of the breasts. It has a small pocket on either side, that looks like it can be buttoned closed.

There is a white stripe on either side of the front of the vest from the collar to under the arm. There is also what appears to be two buttons on the left of the zipper. But, since the vest zippers, it's unsure what they are for.



The Short vest jacket is only available in the following colors:

  • Bright blue - More of a pastel than bright
  • Bight green - Somewhere between a neon and pastel green
  • Bright orange - An almost neon light orange
  • Bright yellow - A bright medium yellow
  • Pink - A light pink, somewhat pinker than coral
  • Red - A deep medium red


Bright blue Bright green
Short vest jacket, bright blue, female.png Short vest jacket, bright green, female.png
Bright orange Bright yellow
Short vest jacket, bright orange, female.png Short vest jacket, bright yellow, female.png
Pink Red
Short vest jacket, pink, female.png Short vest jacket, red, female.png

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