Short T-shirt

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Short T-shirt
Short T-shirt, neon pink, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Chest
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: PaxRomana.png 15,000

The Short T-shirt is a light-weight t-shirt that fits a bit tight as well as a bit short. It rids up slightly on the left-hand side at the waist, but even the right-hand side does not reach most pants waists. All of the colors are very bright, even the non-neon ones, and they all have white edges around the neck and sleeves.

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The Short T-shirt are available in the following colors

  • Neon Blue - A bright pale blue
  • Neon Green - A bright pale green
  • Neon Pink - Bright pink
  • Neon Yellow - Bright yellow
  • Orange - A bright medium orange, but not quite neon
  • Red - A medium red


Neon Blue Neon Green
Short T-shirt, neon blue, female.png Short T-shirt, neon green, female.png
Neon Pink Neon Yellow
Short T-shirt, neon pink, female.png Short T-shirt, neon yellow, female.png
Orange Red
Short T-shirt, orange, female.png Short T-shirt, red, female.png

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