Sheriff's Office

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Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office.jpg
Map Coordinates: (170,345)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

The Sheriff's Office serves as the police station and jail for all of Solomon Island. Currently there are only two officers working there - the sheriff, Helen Bannerman, and her deputy Andy Gardener. There is only one prison cell in the police station.



Starts at this location

Helen Bannerman
width Supply Run
width Horror Show
Andy Gardener
width Elm Street Blues
width Draugnet
Sandy "Moose" Jansen
width Death, and the Instruments Thereof
width Appetite for Destruction

Inside the Office

width Trespassers
width Missing Persons

Involved in


  • The Sheriff's Office is located at "1 Arkham Avenue" in Kingsmouth, where Solomon R, Arkham Ave, Elm St, and Fletcher Ave all intersect
  • Map coordinates are (170,345)


This location is included in Townie achievement.