The Seven Sentinels

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Faction "The Seven Sentinels". For other uses of "Sentinels", see The Sentinels.

The Seven Sentinels
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: City of the Sun God

The Seven Sentinels, or Sentinels, are the guardians of the City of the Sun God, where they keep the Black Pharaoh, Akhenaten, the Black Pharaoh, and his god, Aten, imprisoned with their songs.


They are the children of Ptahmose, who was the Vizier of Akhenaten as well as the high priest of Amun.

When Akhenaten turned away from Amun to worship Aten, there was a civil war, and Ptahmose was one of the leaders of those rebelling against Akhenaten and the cult of Aten.

Ptahmose's side won. But, he knew that Akhenaten and the Aten would not stay dead and buried and more would be required. As such, he undertook a ritual that sacrificed all seven of his children and bound them to statues that would stand guard over the the City of the Sun God and the Black Pyramid for all of time.

Each of the children took on an aspect of a patron god and fill a specific role as a sentinel [1]

Known Members

The members listed below are by order of their birth, eldest first

Seven Sentinels Members
Name Age Deity Role Notes
Thutmose Horus Protection His role is not explicitly defined. Ptahmose says "he watches over the pyramid" [2] while the bees says he is "the avenger who scythes Aten's corrupting murmurs away"[1].
Nefertari Ma'at Justice, balance, and morality Her exact duty is Unknown
Moutemouia Meretseger Builder and protector of tombs As the protector of tombs, it is her job to keep the City of the Sun God hidden from outsiders. However, her resolve has become weak and that has allowed others to discover the valley [1]. She was married and had children before becoming a sentinel [1]
Hemitneter Sekhmet War and vengeance Her exact duty is Unknown. She is able to shoot "lasers" from her monument [3] as well as being able to channel her power into objects that can be carried into battle and used to summon her [4]
Moutnefert 14 Satis Flood and water She is responsible for cleansing the valley of the The Filth that seeps up
Nefertari the younger 10 Bast Cats (and all animals) She protects the animals in the valley from the poison and madness emanating from the Black Pyramid [1]. She is also able to see through their eyes and communicate with them at a distance, allowing her to use them as scouts. [5]
Houy Anubis The dead He is charged with keeping the dead that way, and "can bring sleep to the restless dead". [6]