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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the scarecrow type of monster. For the individual monster named scarecrow, see Scarecrow (Monster).
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Ah, Archibald Henderson’s murderous legacy. - Leaderboards


Scarecrows are the result of dark rituals combining fresh organs from unwilling donors with oils, runes, and only the evilest hay known to man. These undead guardians fell into hibernation when their creator passed. Recently, however, they've emerged from their deep sleep, hungry for carnage.


Scarecrows can sometimes be found hung on wooden posts, but are usually seen wandering around Solomon Island in open areas. Most scarecrows have some type of weapon and use abilities associated with that weapon. Some examples are shotguns, elementalism foci, and chainsaws.


Nearly all Scarecrow have the ability Built to Last permanently on them, which provides resistance to impairs.

The Sackcloth Scarecrow (and possibly others) are able to cast Burning Man


  • Chainsaw wielding
  • Shotgun wielding
  • Magic wielding (typically Elemental)


Monster - Scarecrows
Name Objective
Brainless Kill 10 Scarecrows
Perched Kill 25 Scarecrows
Farm Patrol Kill 50 Scarecrows
Blown Over Kill 100 Scarecrows
Clearing the Pumpkin Patch Kill 500 Scarecrows
Birds Kill 1,000 Scarecrows
Straw Man Argument Kill 5,000 Scarecrows
End of the Yellow Brick Road Kill 10,000 Scarecrows

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