Savage Coast

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Savage Coast
Savage Coast Map.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Type: Player versus environment

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The Savage Coast is the southern half of Solomon Island, with Kingsmouth being to the northeast and Blue Mountain to the northwest. This is the second zone on Solomon Island that characters will encounter.

While Kingsmouth is the main town on the island, and is the closest to mainland, The Savage Coast is more geared towards the islands tourist industry as well as being the seaward facing portion of the island. On this portion of the island tourists can find the Overlook Motel, Red Oak Beach, Atlantic Island Park, Kingsmouth Lighthouse, and Red's Bait and Tackle. Additionally there is a (very) private academy known as Innsmouth Academy.

There are also a number of houses and buildings here as well for residents preferring to live outside of Kingsmouth town itself.

The south-eastern portion of the island appears to have had a quite sorrowful history, with names like World's End, Suicide Bluff, Calamity Cliff, Hope's End, Lover's Regret. Perhaps tied in with a history of piracy and smugglers coming ashore at Smuggler's Scar.


This is information publicly available. Lore and missions may reveal further information.




  • An earthquake destroys many of the buildings at Innsmouth Academy (Caused by a ritual summoning at the academy, and possibly interference by Templars) [1]




  • Carrie Killian moved to The Savage Coast, built a house there, and set up shop as a fortune teller and occultist



  • Atlantic Island Park opens, despite multiple construction accidents, worker suicides, and other events


  • Atlantic Island Park closes after multiple freak accidents and a stabbing by a crazed park employee in a chipmunk costume



Current State

There are zombies here, just like everywhere on Solomon Island. And, the draug can be found just about anywhere the land meets the ocean. But, there are other invaders, perhaps even more dangerous, to be found here.

  • Ak'ab, creatures that have been sleeping in nests under the ground for thousands of years, have awoken and are remaking the forests into something more to their liking.
  • It turns out there is more to the Atlantic Island Park than simple amusement rides, and the rides themselves seem to be taking victims.
  • All hell has broken lose at Innsmouth Academy which turns out to have been a center of study for the mystical arts, and now the things created there have turned on their makers.
  • And, hell is literally trying to break through into our dimension via portals found around the Overlook Motel

Notable Personalities


Wabanaki Tribe

Innsmouth Academy


  • Daniel Bach is a freelance writer and correspondent, he is known for going into the most dangerous of locations - Iraq, Bosnia, and more. Ask him and he'll tell you all about it.
  • John Wolf is at least working with Jack Boone, if not a regular partner of his. Although apparently this time John drew the short straw, because he's in the middle of the Savage Coast while Jack is back by Agartha.
  • Nicholas Winter is son to Nathaniel Winter, and normally living in Boston, he has inherited the Atlantic Island Park, but has no desire to keep it and came to Solomon Island to sell it.
  • Sam Krieg is a horror writer, he came to Solomon Island for inspiration

Not Encountered

These are people who may have been in the Alternate Reality Game or who can be assumed to have been in the town based on other clues, but are not encountered in the game.

  • Nathaniel Winter - Moved to Solomon Island in the early 1970's, bought land around the Henderson farm, and built the Atlantic Island Park. He disappeared after the park closed and has not been seen since. Eventually he was proclaimed dead, and his son Nicholas Winter inherited.
  • John Anderson - Local conspiracy theorist. After meeting with Sam Krieg, he fled the island for fear that someone would try to track him down. Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you?

Notable Locations

Agartha Entrance

The entrance to (exit from) Agartha can be found underneath the Miskatonic Bridge at (260, 795). The cave that the portal is located in is also referred to as "The God Cave" by the League of Monster Slayers.

Town Buildings

Nearby Landmarks

In-game map of The Savage Coast


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