Sanctuary of Secrets

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Sanctuary of Secrets
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Type: Non-player Character
Key people: Melissonomoi, Apis, Phoenicians
Headquarters: Delphi

The Sanctuary of Secrets (SoS) is a controversial group within TSW.

During the industrial revolution, the Melissonomoi at the time ended. As a result, a large amount of the Apis went rogue and triggered a world war, while the few remaining took it upon themselves to go back to the source of the Melissonomoi's origins. Those who remained waited patiently for the fulfillment of a final prophecy, the appearance of the another Melissonomoi, which coincided with the onset of colony collapse disorder.

First appearance

The Sanctuary of Secrets first appeared as part of the They Are Coming Back event via the website The puzzles therein contained clues about the organization and its involvement with the storyline of the ARG. From this website, SoS became known for its repetitive use of bee and beehive themes.


According to the new developments in the ARG, The Fool's Journey, Sanctuary of Secrets is a faction that follows the oracle named Melissonomoi. Some members of the Sanctuary of Secrets are called Apis, which indicates beekeepers. SoS is a neutral faction that's goal is to act according to visions of their oracle, collect information and safeguard that information. Their current mission, according to the ARG, is to prepare chosen people of the community for the coming change called the end of a great cycle.

The oracle changes in "cycle[s] of oracles." The last time there was a change of oracles, some of the order went rogue and caused wars with the gathered information they had.

Other secret societies seem to be eager to get hold of this guarded information that the Sanctuary has to gain more power over other societies.

Website changes

After At the Door

After Aveline Belmont passed through the gate in the At the Door event, the website of the Sanctuary of Secrets became unavailable, showing only static. The circumstances may lead to two conclusions:

  1. the crossing of the gate by Aveline Belmont results in this crash or
  2. another faction attacks the website to stop their work.

The reasons for the changes were discussed in this thread. The media shown on the website during the They Are Coming back puzzle has been uploaded and placed here.

Approaching PAX 2009

As the date marking the beginning of the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo approached, the website for the SoS has changed. The changes coincided with the Three Are Coming event and seemed to mark the reveal of three in-game factions.

Relationships with other factions

Aveline Belmont

According to an email from Aveline Belmont regarding the Sanctuary of Secrets,

They think they can save the world by spreading information. By documenting secrets.
Aveline Belmont, no source

She does not agree with their approach. Regardless of her doubts, members of the community have now sought out and entered the Sanctuary of Secrets, against Aveline's warnings. In the interview with Apis released during The Fool's Journey, it is stated that Melissonomoi wished to help Aveline reach Agartha.

A Friend

Similarly, A Friend shows a distaste for the Sanctuary. Right before the forums were redesigned, he had made a post regarding his feelings towards the Sanctuary of Secrets:

The Sanctuary is a LIE.
It is not a sanctuary for those who seek the truth - it's a sanctuary FROM the truth, for those who are unable to face the truth.
A friend, no source