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Rocket Launcher is the first auxiliary weapon added to the game in Update 1.2, its SP and AP costs are different from the normal weapons and there is a separate Auxiliary Wheel for it.


The rocket launcher is obtained by completing tier 5 of Venetian Missile Crisis.


Unlike normal weapons, you pay a full 35 SP to gain the skill which counts as Skill rank 10 for the specific Aux weapon you bought. This grants access to equip the weapon, and provide a special skill for that weapon. In the case of the Rocket Launcher, it places a persistent AoE at the location of the Rocket Launch hit which damages enemies standing in it.

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All active skills in the Rocket Launcher category require the use of a Rocket Launcher as the player's equipped auxiliary weapon.

Passive skills do not require a weapon, to date all aux weapon passive abilities modify skills or abilities specific to it's weapon. As such, equipped another weapon's passives would be a waste.

Additionally, Signets can be found that further enhance the abilities of your auxiliary weapons.

A list of Rocket Launcher abilities can be found here.


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More specific information on Rocket Launcher weapons can be found here


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