Ricky Pagan

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Ricky Pagan
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Ginpachi Park
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

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Before you stands one charged by Amaterasu and blessed by Gaia, Ginpachi Park's bequiffed, leather-clad environmental vigilante - putting the "pomp" in pompadour, RICKY PAGAN! But... I wasn't always. Once upon a time, I was young Ryuichi Sagawa. I believed in three things: Elvis, environmental activism, and Batman. Then I found Rockabilly. Then I started grooving on the edges of this secret world. The Rockabillies and me, we'd strut our stuff on Sunday afternoons. Then we'd reconvene, after dark, for the real work - non-violently resisting the encroachment, the urbanization, the growth of the monsters of the corporate ID. Orochi took notice. Orochi summoned the fuzz. They came to clean us out of the park. So we went underground, down deep, baby.

The Park

Ginpachi Park is Ricky Pagan's line in the sand. The enemy shall not cross. This is the last spot of soul in this worm-food city. Ricky Pagan shall protect every shrub, every blade of grass. This's been Ricky Pagan's mission from way back. I remember the day. Earth Mama, she was a-screamin'. I saw a vision of Amaterasu, beehive hairdo bouncing, as she crawled out of the sakura trees. That's the day I became Ricky Pagan! Ricky Pagan gathered his crew, a new gang, to spread Western bop, protect the park, and preach rockabilly resistance in the shadow of the Orochi Tower. Rokabiri for life!


The city's hurting, man. It's bleeding vital mojo everywhere. The city's infected. The bomb pushed it all over the edge. Boom-boom-boom...that awful sound. How did the bomb get here? Ricky Pagan has his theories. Ricky Pagan suspects purple treachery.

Gangs of Tokyo

Ricky Pagan's crew is not the only gang strutting their stuff in Tokyo. Three more gangs remain: the samurai, the demons, and the gangsters. Ricky Pagan can't quite say he trusts them all. But Ricky Pagan will ride alongside anyone who fights the Filth. Their reasons are their own.

The secret world

Ricky Pagan became aware of the hidden world of mojo sometime way back. There's an extra dimension. We're all just spirits doing time in the flesh, and that time is limited. So...what say you and I waste no time and get to some fleshy business, a huh?


It happened in the 1950s. We were still ash and radioactive angst. The West still occupied us. Out of the ash came Rockabilly! Artists like Masaaki Hirao, Keijiro Yamashita, and Mickey Curtis gave us life! The music! Fast paced. Sexually-charged. It brought the walking dead youth back to life, broke off our shackles of heritage. The old ways brought devastation. New ways were needed. And so, the original Rockabilly gangs formed. The stars that burn twice as bright, baby! Well...they burn twice as fast. The authorities shut it all down. Rockabilly went dormant. But it woke up again! I found it in the '90s. I took up the call. I gathered the Pagans. Once again, we rise from the ashes. We the people can die, but the spirit endures. Rockabiri for life!