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Flapping wings, black feathers, dead eyes... - Madame Roget

Revenants are creatures that smell death and fortell further misery.

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Drawn to areas where a disaster - natural or manmade - is imminent, Revenants have been instrumental in spreading pest and plague throughout history; from the bubonic plague and smallpox in Europe, to flu and typhus pandemics across Asia. In 1905, they arrived in the United States, carried across the ocean aboard freighter ships, hiding as rats and crows in the cargo. They have recently been spotted on Solomon Island in Maine.


Revenants are formed from the the restless fragments of those who, in life, did great evil, feeding on terror and pain and their presence is always an omen of impending doom. Imbued with strong occult magic, they are able to change themselves into creatures associated with death and darkness: ravens, rats, spiders and worms. They can leap huge distances, crawl upside down at great speeds, and squeeze themselves through the narrowest of spaces. Revenants typically use poison and disease as weapons against the innocent, and their weapons - often twin knives - can cause hideous infections in those without protection against dark magic. Not easily defeated, they are known to reform from the smallest fragments, and their poisoned blood and dark minds infect everything around them with their eldritch disease.


The revenants, while devious and clever, follow no master nor have any plan or intelligent design. All they crave is misery, pestilence, agony and death.

Usually revenants hang out at hospitals or Florida, but they are quick to make a pilgrimage to areas of mass tragedy like the one in Solomon Island. They smell of death and foretell misery and are a ancient enemy of the Templars. The biggest indication of a Revenant is finding ravens through which it can form and divide. When defeated, the Revenant actually just splits into ravens and flies away. Some revenants are tied to certain places(like Kingsmouth park) and to be killed the revenant must be bound with a ritual to bind a malevolent spirit.


Revenants are typically able to cast one or the other of these depending on the type of revenant. These Calls cause a swarm of the specified animal to attack. Revenants typically depart through dispersal of what they Call upon.

  • Call to Crows
  • Call to Rodents

All Revenants cast the following, which allows them to teleport in a swirl of shadows:

  • Flicker


  • Kill the Lurking Revenant rare spawn

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