Resistances (Monster Ability)

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This is not a specific monster ability as much as it is a generic marker used to indicate that the monster has special resistances, but not from any named abilities. Often used in conjunction with the Nightmare flag.

In theory, the developers can give a monster whatever resistance they want. The ones listed below are confirmed to be in game. Monsters may have any number of resistances listed under the same icon.

  • Icon: Yellow Shield status icon.png
    • Note: This icon is used by several "normal" monster abilities as well as this "nightmare" type ability. Care should be taken to read the tooltip description of the icon to find out what any given monster has.
  • Effect: Various effects, including:
  • Duration: Permanent

Note: See also Triggers (Monster Ability) and Nightmare (Monster Ability) for other abilities that are typically applied whenever this ability is applied.